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Good to be back in Puncak Alam

Salam Readers!

Hows your Ramadhan so far?

Few years ago, 2 years to be exact, we had a visit from our Academic Advisor. I mention to her the meaning of Puncak Alam. I told her that Puncak Alam means Top of the World. LOL.

Overrated maybe but yes, maybe that was the developer or company owner intended to when they wanted to build another satellite city in this area. It must contain Alam and so they choose Puncak Alam as the name.



FH just being presumptuous.

I just got back from Kuantan less than two weeks ago. Now its time for me to re-settle in Puncak Alam and doing all the office job here. Meetings, letters, motivation session, tutorials, etc etc

I owe you guys so many stories and I dont know where to start.

Just a little hint for you that now FH did feel a little bit 'On Top of The World'. Haha. Not just yet. I need to submit my proposal to ICCE and maybe I will be confirmed on who will be my supervisor.


Did I told you how I kind of 'propose' my s…