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Offline Treatment from Social Media Accounts

Salam readers!

Remember last year when I went on hibernation period from Social Media? Yes actually I managed to do it for a few weeks and actually went on to not contacting certain person for 2 months.

The extensive use of social media has taken certain tolls on me. I mean, why I need validation from strangers through likes and comments on my posts? Seriously. So now, I started again my social media treatment and un-install both FB and Instagram from my phone.

Even though there are so many things I want to update to people who seems to 'care' about me, but this has to be done right at the peak of all my glory. I must do this hibernation period when too many things happening and will happen to me in the upcoming months. So the temptation will be bigger and making me harder to resist.

Well I guess you'll see more posts from me from this medium (blogging). At least, I don't know who you are and it is the time for me to re-think who I am.

Pray for me peeps. Maybe its th…