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So called Magic

Salam readers! 

I was suppose to write on this yesterday but apparently Rifqi already steal Monday's Show. Hehe.

Last Saturday I attend Dietitian Day held by Dumex Company in Cititel Hotel. The topic mainly about Allergy - Cows Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA). But I dont want to talk about that. Not just yet.

The best part of event (other than Buffet Lunch@ Citi Cafe) is the finale act by a wizard. Really. A magic show as dessert to all those theories and case studies presented earlier.

What a day! Speechless!

The Magician called himself Hafiz the Wizard. You can check on his web here:

I must say that I was really entertained. Never watched a Magic Performance live on my very own eyes before.  But I can say that this man 'The Wizard" really brings the drama to his well choreographed performance. People get excited, I myself screamed a couple of times just because I cant believe how he manage to do seems impossible tricks. Of course, by hand trick…


Salam readers..

Semalam FH habiskan Ahad dengan menjaga Rifqi, 1 tahun.

Mummy Rifqi ada kelas sebab sambung pengajian Masters jadi para Aunties mengisi masa sambil buat video featuring budak kecil yang dah reti sebut perkataan :


p/s: Kalau FH ada anak sendiri nanti habis buat video je kerja nya... lol..

You are your Brand (or not)

Salam readers..
I had this small chit chat with one of my BFF last week... We were talking about how people took Branded Goods in life. Ironically the conversation took place in The Coffee Bean at Johor Premium Outlet (JPO), Kulaijaya, Johor the places where those branded items really matters. LOL.
My friend and I had really opposite opinion on this. So there really exist two type of people when it comes to Branded Item.
#1 Brand Lovers
Seems that these kind of person, they will definitely look for brand first before started to choose which design to buy. I can see that in some of my friends who will ask what BRAND are you wearing and how much you paid for it.  Sometimes its not really about the design.. For me some designs are not that appealing but when they stamped BIG metal label to it, the prices went up ridiculously.  This behavior  is resulting from personal tendency to feel part of a society whom own the same label. Say if a girl is wearing COACH, and the other person find it so co…

Stress Therapy

Salam readers..

In my lack of emotional stability like this.. I feel that quotes are really magical to sooth my sorrow.. of course other than reading Al-Quran and continuously praying and speaking to Allah. 

I developed several habit in order to release my stress..these habits really works and helpful in my recovering phase. Sometimes I need only one, but in turbulence winds, seems that I need more than one type of this 'therapy'.

1) Do'a with real emotion.
This one, if I am in deep sorrow, I will not turn to anyone but ALLAH. I will burst out my feeling and tell HIM what's going in my heart and mind. Even though ALLAH already know (of course), this therapy really helps because I don't have to worry about judgement or critics about what I say. I can shout, whisper, cry out loud to ALLAH when no people will hear. The placebo effects of praying will result in hopefulness and HOPE to me is equal to BE POSITIVE. 

2) Turn on my car, and drive
Sounds pretty dangerous. Driving …


I dunno which is more hurt.
Knowing the ugly truth...
or losing a friend.

Time will decide..
who will remain peace at the end..

Tema hari ini: Jumpa kawan lama


Hari ni membuktikan lagi yang dunia ini memang kecil. FH jumpa dengan 2 orang yang pernah FH kenal dulu. Pertamanya, baru FH tahu salah seorang Dietitian di HSB ni adalah isteri kepada ex-bos FH masa kerja Kesan Suci dulu.. Oh.. sangat kecil dunia ini. Selama ni duk dengar kakak tu bercerita je pasal suami nya. Hari ni baru tergerak nak tanya siapa nama suami dia... Bila tahu baru la rasa kelakar. Kenal je sebenarnya... Hehe.

Keduanya, tadi ada marketing exed satu company ni datang ofis untuk set tarikh bagi talk. Rupanya akak tu dulu penah kerja Aeon dan pernah jumpa dia masa meeting. Ohh.. Sungguh kecil dunia ini...

Kadang-kadang bila kita rasa susah nak jumpa jodoh, rasa macam besar sangat dunia ni sebab tak jumpa lagi jodoh sampai sekarang.. Tapi bila jumpa kawan-kawan lama dalam situasi yang tidak disangka-sangka, baru FH sedar. Dunia ni memang saaaangat kecil.

Mode: Ayuh kita bekerja sambil cuba menguruskan kembali badan!

Tarikh Favourite


Tiada tarikh yang paling best dari tarikh ini dalam 365 tarikh sepanjang tahun.

Cukup lah.. Aku memang obses dengan tarikh ini sehinggakan aku menggelar kan Mac sebagai bulan Farahanani.

Ya... Mood ku tersangat baik dalam sepanjang bulan Mac. Terutama pada tarikh 3 Mac.

Allah merahmatiku dengan memberi tarikh yang sesempurna itu untuk aku lahir ke dunia.

Bagaimana aku perlu meminta lagi?

Aku rasa bersyukur tak terhingga dapat hidup dan bernyawa sehingga tahun yang ke 26 ini.