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Hectic m&m 17

The m&m finally ends..
yet some reports should be finished before the end of the month..
This busy schedule is going to melt down...
I will b no longer MTM members..
Glad I manage to end the term with Masak&Makan 17.
Posing with sOme committee while the contestant were chaotically cOoking. Ahakss

"Per Se.."
Our talented guys.. I never say guys can't cook!
"My Running SHoes": Easily runs trough stairs and bridges.. haha..

Flirty Guy...

They do exist. Believe me. I can't believe but recently I met one of them. Actually I've meet this particular guy I wanted to talk about, 2 years ago in a counseling course held in Genting. This guy is really annoying coz he loves to talks at the back during people talking at the front. And his voice quite loud and will loudly response to the speaker. UNfortunately for me.. Coz I always get to be a row or 2 at front him so his voice becomes more annoying. I still remember when I look at him when he's 'announcing' his unpractical jokes that sounds like begging for people laughing for the joke.  Haha.. Maybe I am a bit exaggerating but the truth is.. He is DAMN annoying. What was funny is I really remember his face and every time I saw him during any event I will be like.. Not this guy again!

It happened to be.. Last few days, I have to deal with a guy named A. From a couple of his first texts portrays to me that he maybe a 'soft' kind of guy. Haha... So I dir…

Fall in love with your bestfriend??

Have you ever trapped in such situation?What will you do next? Will you straight away tell your friend about your feeling?What if she/he already have someone in their heart? And for them your mere a very good friend?
Speculations really hurts. Isn't it?
We will keep torturing our mind by asking the unanswerable questions about how we suppose to act at front of that person, how to not crossing any friendship line between you and that person, how to be a good and nice friend but in the mean time you are mad about him/her?
Arghh!! These crazy thoughts really condemned me to depression lately. I often stuck in the situation where I almost fall in love with my own best friend. Haha..
But what is my normal practice?? I force my self to let go off my feeling.. So along the way I also hurt my own feeling. However is that all matters? I think I'm going to stop all this self-torture manner.
So what's the next step??
1. To be true to your self and person. But you really need a full-st…

Se7en SisteRs..

Again.. this time I'm using BM.. To tell readers.. (If there's any)..
About my sisters.. They were very unique.. Unique in my heart and my soul..
That's why I love them so Much.. Plus this is my practise to be a writer one day..
When again.. My first book will be about no one but my sisters.. Because I am their elder sis..

Arfah Mawaddah @ Modah..
Anak ke-2 dalam keluarga. Adik aku yang sangat lah macam kakak pada aku.
Dia sangat fasih cakap arab. So dia pergi Kaherah untuk belajar Bahasa
Arab. Dia kebanggaan kami sebab dia kemana2 dia pergi.. Bintangnya akan bersinar menyinari
orang2 di sekelilingnya. Mak aku pun tak tahu macam mana dia boleh jadi dahsyat camtu.
DIa strong influencer.. Ramai kawan2 dia sanggup bawak barang dia berkilo2 dari Kaherah
untuk kirim pada kami. Entah muka berapa sen la yang dia guna utk mintak simpati orang.
Haha.. Dia selalu gaduh dengan aku tapi dia yang akan mula bercakap semula dengan aku.. sensitif dan mudah tergoda dengan makanan. Jadi tazkirah pada …


I myself were asking... Should I write my post in Malay??
Well I should try.. Ok.. lets try...
Ape daku dah buat hari ini?? Apakah diari hari ini?? Aku berlari.. Berlari.. dan berlari.. Semalam.. Kelmarin.. dan hari sebelum kelmarin aku berlari ke kelas.  Ingat senang ke nak lari? Pakai high heels wedges turun tangga?? Sebuah cabaran yang jelas nyata. tapi masa tu aku dah lambat.. Nak pegi kelaS... tApi masa tu lapar... Jadik kena la lari cari makanan.. 
Tadi pun.. lepas cari makanan.. aku lari lagi.. Fuhh.. penat nye kena lari dalam keadaan berpuasa.. Tapi tadi lambat.. Encik Zam.. Dietitian kesayangan kami dah tunggu.. SKali nye.. Tengah lari dengan penoh gaya.. Encik Zam keluar dari pintu Lab. Huahuahua.. Larian ku terhenti. Maluuuuuu-nye. rasanya dia x nampak kot. Aku jadi statik kejap di situh.. sambil menunjukkan ekspressi yang bermaksud... "Mana tempat kaunseling??" Hahahaha...
Semalam pun lari.. Dari luaran nampak cam berjalan.. tapi dalam hati rasa cam nak angkat kaen dan…


Finally... Manage to watch Geng:Pengembaraan Bermula yesterday. We actually booked the ticket earlier but we arrived a bit late at GSC TimesSquare.. So the counter guy told us that our reservations have expired. Nevamind.. The ticket still open for any buying so 8 of us (Me+Ila+Nadya+Ayu+Aisyah+Kinah+2 Kinah's Friend) only get left side seats. Huhu

And the verdict is... Geng is a must watch movie of the year!! Oh yeah... !! All the elements of humour, happiness, sad, suspense, horror.. All blend up and become the almost perfect ABC taste ever. Huhu...

I am super proud with our own Malaysian Brand who succeed in producing this super-cool animated movie. One of the best damn thing in this movie is when you have to expect the unexpected scene from the characters.. and the plot is very smooth and linear and when the movie ends, I really wish its not the definite end.. Huhu..

And this morning.. when to a warehouse named. Floristika. A huge warehouse fully loaded with flowers.. Roses.. Tul…

The Best-Day Ever.. Part 1

1..01 am..22 years ago..
People are wondering.. why did a baby cried out loud from a labour room in University Hospital, PJ. 
People wonder..  This baby.. Whom her grand ma and grand pa wait for her born outside the labour room. When her other grand parents from her Abah side whom never care about her existence. But her grandparents from her Ummi side stood there waiting for her. Asking the doctor and nurses when will she be born. So that they could hold her. Show love to her. But why did she ever born?
People get wonder.  When she was born.. The first thing she was good at is talking. She starts talking before she could lift up her body to stand. But still... Her grandparents from her Abah side didn't care about her. 
People really wonder.  When she's not even a year old.. Her uncle dies a day after he holding her. As if she was the last baby to be hold by the uncle. Dude.. you really have to be careful with this baby. Is there something wrong with her?
People never stop wonder. When a…

Day Dreaming

Lifehas been always a surprise for me and everyone. I wonder why people have to look at their life as if it is a burden to them. Life is hectic. Yes it is. But never look at your life from negative point of view. Those line of negative thinking people sometimes really painful to my ear. I knew some of them. Often think that world never being on their side. That everyone hates them. Under certain circumstances we do need to think negative. Especially when making a decision. Gotta list down several pros and cons of that particular thing. But every minute we were thinking about the negative part of that item?? I don’t think I can live with that.
Life is a miracle. As long as you believe it is. It’s some kind of Laws of Attraction, you see. The more you think about something, the more likely it will become reality. That is why motivators always keep saying we must dare to dream and dare to believe in our dream. Because dream could be reality. No matter how ridiculous your dream is. No matt…