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L'Apprentie Deli

Marvellous Menu! yes, can I help you?? Hui Jing got really excited with the coffee maker.
My short attachment. Very meaningful and yet exuberant. I think I have fell in love with deli concept.  Got a really bright idea about how to manage a deli. Huhu..

Lovey Dovey Crazy Valentine

Remember our ustaz saying… Do not follow the westerner’s culture. They are way too much different from us. The Muslims. Well I am totally agree with the ustaz. But to what extend we can or we cannot follow his advice?? Can we own a Nokia hand phone which is the owner is a Jewish? Can I hop on a GM car which is an American products? Can I even listen to any songs from those Americans and never had any intention to follow any bad deeds in the lyrics. I am not trying to be a pessimist. But I do not know why I tend to be angry to those confuse whom celebrating Valentine’s Day. Haven’t you all heard all those stories passed around since we were childhood?? About a priest name Valentine.. and he was killed on this very day just because his attempt to spread love among people?? And how proud of us nowadays that we actually (some of us actually) celebrating and grieving over his death. LOL.

Can I repeat my statement??I think those who celebrate Valentine’s Day are those whose confuse.Love coul…

Think Like A Guy.. I suppose..

It happened to be girls usually collide with trouble and really don’t know how to solve it. Eventually they will stuck right at the middle and get nowhere. Why girls??? Why should we be like this so many many times?? and then guys will look at us and laugh at us because we just adding one more humiliation episodes to our own life stories. Must we stick to this situation?? Must we always be helpless (though on several occasion we should rely on men).So how? How do we suppose to act? To face all these circumstances in life. These misery.. This sorrow. Remember the famous quotes.. No Women No Cry??? I think guys just being egoistic. Blaming it all on women. So I think I should blame their mother whom also a woman to gave the chances to those sexist man to even breathe the air on their very first second on earth. (Do not forget.. Not all guys are loser..)My idea.. The whole bigger spectrum is.. To think like a guy. I often heard this quote before.. Maybe a title of a book written by a guy…

Helang Kuat a.k.a Langkawi

Just got back from Langkawi!!!!
This visit appears to be the most electrifying and unforgettable visit..

Its all because of 3 marvellous things..
1>>> The Langkawi GeoPark Cable Cark.. (p/s: Geo, its not your park anyway.. Haha..)
2>>> Shop till I drop. I really drop during the shopping slot the organizer provided for me.. Huhu.. Langkawi caan make all of us go crazy for shppoing spree.
3>>> Grreat food by chef and cooks from Langkawi Boutique Resort, Pantai Chenang. The BBQ is marvellous.. especially because they also serve Tomato Ketchup. AHa....