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Just another BIRTH-date..

I must thank my Umi for the courage to giving birth to this girl whom later growing this big.. lol.. I must thank my Abah for the responsibility he took when he started hearing my cries for the first time.. He should have know that my dosa will be debited into his account till the day I get married.. But Abah still let Umi keep me alive in her womb for 9 months plus-plus..
Gosh... Nothing new about that.. 
In these years.. the quarter-ly I've managed to survive and breathe, I met many kind of people which directly and indirectly shaped me to be who I am today. 
I must be thankful to them, indeed. 
Live is about networking.. You know a person..whom happened to be your colleague's schoolmate, who later married to your universiti-mate, and his brother is actually your acquaintance, and so and so and so on... What a coincidence! 
But it's not, like Umi always repeat. 
"No coincidence..It's Allah's decision to make it happened."
Hurm...Okey.. No-Thing…