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Negative energy go away!

Hello readers!

Its been a while since FH got little personal with u guys. Dear silent readers who seldom drop any comments, I appreciate your time. I cannot ask for more. Hope you enjoy your life.(>_<)

FH must say, that my life haven't been easy for 2013 so far. We're embracing November now and 2013 keep giving me frown than smiles. 

I know. I know.. People keep telling me some things much much better is awaiting for me. But that is in future which I never know when it will happen. So I just continue my life as usual and life for the day. 

I can't predict my future but I can control my now. 

That's my motto for the time being. 

Kind of

Thinking about the unknown blurry future only giving me headache. So I stop. This is definitely temporary people, dont freak out about me. FH needs to clear up my minds and thoughts. I really hope all these 2013 mess wrap up a little bit closer so i can head up to 2014 with style (absolutely!)

Few days ago I learnt about something called &…