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MH370: Story of Hope, Impatience and Fear

Salam readers.

Its 16 days, 7 hours and 30 minutes ++ since the most mysterious disappearance of a Boeing 777 in modern history. I find it disturbing every time I hear any speculations, theories, conspiracy theories, assumption, new findings, because till this very day, we don't know what happened to MH370. I am just one of the millions Malaysian, who affected by this state of ambiguity. I can't imagine how it goes for the families and next of kin. The pain is unbearable, I guess.
Experts were mushrooming.
We can see and read everywhere, so many people trowing their ideas in the pool. Us commoners might can't contain anymore the amount of aviation facts that were presented to us. Suddenly we learn about distress signal, radar technology, satellite, ATC Tower, and rules in cockpit. I myself, read almost every theory, to feed my hunger in knowing about the possibilities of MH370 whereabouts. I was like, Pass the Pop Corn please!
So far, my highest respect goes to Datuk Azharuddi…

27 is a good number

For me all number are good number as long as me feel happy.From last birthday ( 3rd March 2013), a lot has happened. Full of tears..and joy. But more likely tears than joy. I feel blessed with all the occurrence and incidents. All those made me stronger and as part of building bricks that mold me today. Bricks are the incidents but the cement were faith that bind all pieces together to form a girl name Nurfarah Hanani binti Amir Hamzah.Is it age appropriate for me to call myself a girl? LOL.Did aging process made me turn into a Lady?I love every moment that happens even it breaks myself apart to cellular level. Couldn't ask for more but wishing for better future in the world and hereafter. Insya Allah. Amin...