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The Aid for Eid

People are suppose to feel obligated to give the alms during Ramadhan. But why I'm not??? Hurm..
Yesterday we (Abah+Ummi+Ila+Aisyah+mE) went to KLIA to fetch Arfah. Out of sudden I met Ammar at the waiting area. What a surprise! I dont think he recognized me. Of course he didnt. I dont think he even know my face.. AHaks.. But its a bit shocking to meet him at such irregular place. He is the last person in the world I expected to jump in to, indeed. Haha.. But his family leaves early so I dont manage to small chat with him whatsoever. But why I must have any chat with him anyway? Huhuhu..
The eid will be or scheduled to be or predicted to be on this Wednesday so my family and I had a 'short' shopping spree at Jalan TAR (which the whole idea is totally objected by Abah actually). Luckily we manage to find Baju Melayu for Abah and I'm the one who found the baju for him. :)
We are travelling for Batu Pahat tomorrow afternoon n I expect the weather will be damn hot and not sup…


Who says life is boring? U got to expect the unexpected to happen then u'll feel blessed to be able to breath the O2 surrounding us. This week is the most driving i ever enjoyed.. And the most important thing is I manage to proove to my parents that I am able to drive back home.. Yippie..!!
So last Friday they gave the permission for me to drive alone to go Iftar with Yan and his BF Hafiz.
The enjoyment startled a lil bit when I jumped into somebody's Kelisa whom is so kind hearted (probably coz he's in a hurry. Running for a 1 million tender maybe. Ahaks..)
Luckily and Thankfully that I dont 'hurt' his Kelisa badly.. And what makes me curios the most is the calmness in my father when I confess to him that night bout the incident. The truth is actually the horrible scratches at my mom's Kancil was his fault.. not mine. That is why he looked so patient while I'm explaining to him before.. hahahaha...
So funny..
N this week become so interesting when my parents an…

A week of test.. The Month Full of TEST.

This is a TESTimonial of a girl whom almost failed her test. Ahaks..
I have 4 test this week which all of them are the killers for my grades. (Who say only particular subjects are killers? Any subject is always the killers if we dont care much attention on reading it before exam).
Yet I'm not pregnant coz I get several day of the so-called holiday for women for each Ramadhan.. Holiday or Hollow-day?? since we are starving coz we can't eat right away if we're hungry especially if your housemates are all fasting.. Huhu.. Pity me..

And the campus election is soon to come..

Ramadhan.. Diet.. & Hygiene..

Ramadhan is back! The most awaited month by some of us or maybe the month that makes people feels like wanna go to Europe for vacation. (Opps...). Today is the second day of Ramadhan. So what is our own Ibadah meter?? Have we started on reciting Al-Qur'an? Have we done the Terawih prayer? Did we control our eyes to not to look at several things.. Ahaks.. That one is one of the hardest action to be controlled.
I remember on 1 article I read last year regarding losing weight during Ramadhan. In the right way.. people actually able to reduce up to 6 kilos in this particular month! Amazing.. But the most suitable figure should be around 1-2 kilos per month so the y0-y0 effect will not happen.
Y0-y0 effect is when a person lose too much weight for certain period using improper weight reducing program. The person might believe that she/he had manage to reduce weight successfully but what actually happen is when the 'lose' is only for fluid in the body. To lose your fat, we need to…