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365 hari mencari cinta.


It is actually an adopted title for a film from Indonesia where the characters are desperately trying to hook up to find their true love in 30 days.

365-the bet

yerp.. We got 365 days to find our true love. We??? Who are we? 4 of us.. Hidayanti.. Farahin.. Hazirah.. and me..

so we all have the whole two package in our training.. The Professional Training and our Personal Affairs.

the final day would be our graduation day and the winner is the one who get a large bouquet of flower.

so who will win this bet??

i will tell you guys the update from time to time..


let love spread in the air..lalala

Wasting Time.. Money..

Left: Uncle JPJ busy handling people passing by to watch accident scene at front Sogo.

Right: Yeahh.. Life always got story. Co0l car owned by a girl.. AHa..

Left: Me.. Finishing a crab's feet. Haha..

Right: Us.. [Wadi+Farahin+Yanti+Me] Finishing the sate Kajang.. Hoho

The last week in UPM? I really handle this well. Haha.. As I knew and my abah knew.. I am really expert at finishing up all my money. This whole semester really suffers me. Thanks to Arfah whom I passed my desktop to that demand me to buy my own laptop using the JPA money I got. Does sacrifice really rang any bell to me? ALWAYS. And yet my sisters still dont know how much I love them. Haha..

KL BoOK Fair??Books never bored me. I never done with boOks even the technology jump in my daily life. WHatt??? Paper kills the trees and we mustgo grEen?? Ahh.. books are the marker for civilization. Without anyone ever think of compiling the paper to form a book, none of us would hear anything such as Nebuchad-Nezzar or the Co…

Temperature Raising..

It's getting hot in here.. Getting hot.. Getting hot..
A bit eerie.. since April have the most BALANCE climate in the whole year for this side of Malaysia.. (West Coast Area). You will dried up all your bunch of clothes during the day and you'll witness storms and thunders all over your night.  
Well.. To recall some notes from our Geography Text Bo0k way back in the PMR period..
November-March : Monsoon Season for East-Coast Malaysia
April                          : Intermediate Month
May-September    :  Wet Season for West-Coast Malaysia
October                    :  Intermediate Month
Well.. Geography might sounds boring to some people but I do love Geography in whatever ways it confuse us. Haha..

But we never felt this hot in Malaysia.. Do you think El-Nin0 and La-Nina did plays some roles this time? I do think so. Correct me if I am wrong.  Global Warming really makes us in misery. And who cause Global Warming?? Its us.. dude.. The Ignorant Human Being.  Or some say it's a na…

The very last day of lecture...

10 APRIL 2009..
What's so special?? Its my last day attending lecture.. :) The very best thing is I did sooo many things on that day.. Huhu..
1) Returning back all the table we borrowed from the hip Uncle Bala..
Left: Uncle Bala.. While Keyo & Ge0 showing off their strength to angkat the table.. Haha..
Right: The Mighty Table Team.. Ohh yEahhh! (ge0+key0+Ker Li+me[behind the camera!!])

2) Presentation... on our visit to KLIA Brahims.. a.k.a MAS Catering..
3) Struggling to finish up my assignment. Coz suddenly the file disappear coz I over wrote it under Resipi Laksa file.. Haha.. How silly is that?
4) Running under the rain. Catching up the time to submit the BLUE form to 'Abang Ezani' The Tingkat 3 Man.. Hoho..
5) My Case report kena hujan. Walawehh..
6) Paying my fees via CIMB CLicks and it will only clear on Monday.. WHAT??? SUnday is the due date to register the courses for next sem! So...
7) I cried out loud. Never cry that much before.. Sampai rasa nak demam.. Hahaha..
8) C…


Woa.. I got 5 papers in 7 days.. Really have to catch up since I am d weakest scorer in class. I really hope I can nail it this time... Really hope...
Wish me luck guys...

Not a gOod SMS-er...

It always happened to me.. People didnt reply to my SMS-s.. Haha..
So that makes me a bad SMS-er...
There are 2 types of people:
First Group: those who have the capability to talk non stop via phone or one-to-one conversation.. but they're totally blurr to text.
and we have
Second Group: those who are really shy to talk. sometimes they dont talk at all to people they knew. But when they're texting.. They can be the most lovey-dovey person on Earth or gave the best respond to every messages you sent them.

I am totally clear which group I'm belonged to. I am pretty sure that people SMS-ing will definitely felt boring when contacting me via SMS. Hurm.. Now I guess I should be prepared when I'm writing the next SMS I send... Hohoho...