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Schools.. Wedding.. Carnival..

SCHOOL = study+books+lecturers+cooking+lovely classmates = miss it!

WEDDING = family+happiness+hectic+chaotic+co-operation+lovely bride+tonnes of food = love it!

CARNIVAL = plenty booths+heavy spending+clothes+parkour performances + old friends= enjoy it!

Ku Sempurna by {Nadya dan TulangBelakang..}

an alter ego to Sempurna by Andra & The BackBone

ku begitu sempurna..

dimatamu ku begitu indah
ku membuat dirimu akan slalu memujiku
di setiap langkahmu
kaukan slalu memikirkan diriku..
x bisa kau bayangkan hidupkau tnpa cintaku
janganla ku tinggalkn dirimu
x kan mmpu mnghadapi semua
hanya bersamaku kau akan bisa..
ku adalh drhmu.

ku adlh jntungmu..
ku adlh hidupmu.

lengkapi dirimu..
oh sayang kau ku begitu..
ku genggam tanganmu
saat dirimu lemah dan terjatuh
ku bisikkan kata
dan hapus sesal mu..

best x laguh ni..

sbb lagu ni memuji diri sendiri..
ye ar.. sbb kbnykn lagu..
musti nk puji awek dye or pkwe dyeh..
sekali sekala cbe bwt lagu yg memuji diri sendiri..
mesti best..
cbe ar try yer..

The last few days..

Finally the holiday will be ended.. I fill my holiday with several camps and trips..
Yet I've been my mom's helper at her laundry for several days and got payment for taking a really good care of her business.
I shopped a lot. I dont know my recent shopping bills. Havent counted it yet.. Aha..
I really hope this coming semester will bring the new sunshine for my study.. Really looking forward fo the new year to come and bring me more luck.. Ameen..
Insya Allah..

Fully Loaded

Meeting up with people.. New people.. People whom never knew you before is an activity that was trully refreshing. I manage test my own parameter of willingness to get to know people or simply initiating a conversation.
Last SUnday I went to PC Fair. That was my first ever visit to ant PC Fair. People really packed overthere since it's the last day of the Fair. But the vast different between a PC Fair and a Book Fair is... U dont have to bring a lot of money to a BOOK FAIR. But if u bring only RM10 to a PC Fair.. u'll only get a cooler pad.. Hahaha..

I watched the news when Bush get humiliated by an Iraqi Reporter. That was good since he brought disaster to Iraq on his anti-terrorism nonsense mission. I think they should throw larger thing. A gas tube maybe..???


Myth: Book & The Cover


Ungkapan ini kerap saya dengari, saya yakin anda juga mungkin kerap
mendengarnya. Kata-kata dari wanita yang tidak menutup aurat yang sering
mendakwa bahawa hatinya baik dan suci walaupun ia berpakaian seksi serta
mendedahkan aurat.

"Orang wanita bertudung pun banyak yang jahat hari ini, berzina, khalwat
dan macam-macam lagi" Katanya memberi buah fikirannya.

"Malah, kami juga baik, kami tak kacau orang, tak mengumpat dan buat
benda-benda tak elok" tambah wanita ini lagi.

Benarkah hujjah mereka?. Benarkah penampilan luaran tidak terpakai di dalam
Islam ?. Ada juga yang sudah semakin ‘advance' hujahnya lantas berhujjah
dengan sebuah maksud hadith Nabi yang sohih iaitu :

"Sesungguhnya Allah tidak melihat kepada tubuh, rupa luaran dan harta
kamu, tetapi melihat kepada hati dan amalan kamu" (Riwayat Muslim)

Simpati bercampur kesal saya mendengar bagaimana terdapat orang yang
sewenangnya berhujjah dengan hadith untuk men…


People says its the force of nature. But how true the term is? WHo is the actual truthful "FOrces of Nature"??? Obviously ALLAH is the answer. WHo creates the world other than him? SO we get the conclusion that the term is incorrect. It's the "FORCES Of CREATOR" that penalized we the people whom never stop this beautiful land he gave for us to be lived for. We keep asking but we always forget our true journey on earth.
The truth is.. SOme unmanner foolish people destroyed the mother nature in the name of pleasant and comfort. I dont understand why they would like to live in the "Kayangan" and built their home at unsafe area that eventually turns out to be a disaster. i really cant understand those rich people who seems like "never put any steps on earth".
And people blaming the Selangor people for voting PKR to be the state government. SOunds really funny since Johor also being flooded with water every year. The situation are strictly not rela…


1. Do you think you are HOT?
n0pe when I'm in a really bad m0od

2. Upload a fav pic of you
plenty of them at my friendster profile.

3. Why do you like this picture?
u meant those pictures? Coz they're featuring me.. Aha..

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
can't remember

5. The last song you listen to?
Pari-pari di bawah angin~ Meet Uncle Hussin

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
supervising my sister baking cake

7. What name u prefer besides yours?
Any name that contain the letter H and K. Eg: Haikal

8. People to tag

9. Who is no.1
My best friend eva

10. No.3 is having relationship with?
Her bf's name is Hafiz

11. Say something about no.5
only 3 listed up there coz The person tagged me only tagged 3 person. Huahua

12. How about no.4?
I said only 3.. Herm..

13. Who is no.2
The person who tagged me.. Huhu..

Mikaeel Jackson??

The 50 year old singer conversion to Islam rise many critiques and comments from people all round the world. Even Tuan Guru Nik Aziz remarks that his conversion is a good thing for him. I thought he already convert to Islam long before last 2 week. But last week the news reported his conversion witnessed by Yusuf Islam in a friend's mansion in LA.
Well its good to hear the number of people converted to Islam increasing year by year. It will be much better if we hear that the muslim become more muslim year to year. Being a muslim as a whole set is very much different with practicing Islam as the way of life. We should seek for Allah's guidance from every inches and corner in our life.

Speaking of life.. My life become more colourful this week when I got back from Port Dickson from Rachado Bay Camp in Port Dickson. Meeting new people is really a relief and remedy for my negativeness in my for this past 2-3 weeks. Ahaks..

and yet I'll be visiting PD again next month. SO much fo…

Endless love.

This is the last night i'll spend time with my laptop.. I called her Farah technology since its an F-TEC brand. Aha.. Arfah will fly this beloved laptop of mine away from me to Cairo, Egypt since hers will only be received in December. I've been with this laptop since last year and the first post published on this blog is typed with this very laptop. Waaaaaaa...

Even I'll get a newer laptop.. Nicer and prettier.. The sentimental value will never dies.. Many things and incidents happens between me and this laptop. Its my first laptop ever. It dont have any single scratch.. and I love it sooooooo much! Aha..

Also I couldnt forget the memory of reformatting this laptop last 3 weeks when Alfian helped me out. Later that night I went through a blacklisted passage in KL for the journey to UPM. What a day.. and what a night! Luckily.. Alhamdulillah Allah helped me get through all the darkness and dangers..

So farewell to my laptop.. Farewell to the epitome of my happiness.. My F_TE…

And the winner is..

So Mr. Obama won.. Congrates to him..
Maybe I am a bit late to wish him.. Haha..

Exams and Packed Scheduled really jammed my brain. i supposed to be relaxing this week but we're handling a camp for the MTM-wannabe's... We'll definitely select MTM from those who joined this camp. In-fact the actual name for the camp is Kem Pemantapan 1 which will be continued with Kem Pemantapan 2 and people who'll enter the second camp is the next term's MTM.

ANugerah Skrin last Friday really open up my thoughts about Nurul Syuhadah Nurul Ain and now I really think she is sooooo talented in the emcee-ing thingy. Many people said bad things about Adlin Aman Ramlie but they two were the contra-couple which means they're 'cute' together. haha..

For the winners.. Congrates and i really cant harly wait to watch Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang even i dont know where to get the dvd.. Haha..


How we ever know the end of our own day..
Of how we may look like upon our death..
In truth..
We'll never knew it..
The day our breath stop breathing..

On that day...
The very day when my great grand mother leaves us..
We gathered.. We cooked.. We called the villagers.. and we ate together..
Nothing will b the same again...
Nothing will be repeated..
During the day we prepared nasi ambang.. And ate together in dulang..


I'm not Bush

The quotes being said by McCain last week during the recent debate between him and Obama.. I bet he's really not Bush.

He proposed of the Arizona senator is to build 45 new nuclear reactors by 2030, in order to fight climate change and establish U.S. energy independence. Haha... America is stopping Iran from bilding any nuclear plant but they wanted to built the new one.. I wonder where all the common sense had gone.

McCain will be the eldest president of US if he won while Obama is the first black US President which for me I prefer the latter ones. Aha..

They both are in the rally for the President Seat while Bush is finising his final days at WHite House.

I wonder whether people will actually vote for McCain and Sarah Palin and that definitely potray the low level of moralism when Palin herself have a pregnant 18 year old daughter. (OMG!! Not another case of Britney's sister's pregnancy). The family institution of America already drop when they only will marry if only they …

Finish Up!

My friend gEo helped me out to finish my mom's soup last SUnday.. CLick here for more clear view how the guys finish the meal..


Some Brilliant Marketing Plan

The Silliest Ever..

Scene 1
Somewhere at Bikini Bottom
Ghost : I Give U 2 Wishes
Patrick : But I want 4 Wishes!
Ghost : Alright, I give u 3 wishes
Patrick : Why not 2???
Ghost : ????

Scene 2
Somewhere at Bikini Bottom too..
Patrick : SpongeBob, what should I say at the party.
SpongeBob : You can say.. Hi! I'm Patrick.
Patrick : Ohh... Hello Patrick! [ and Patrick Shaking SpongeBob Hands]
SpongeBob : No.. I am not Patrick. You are Patrick.
Patrick : I am??

I wonder how the scriptwriter get tonnes of ideas to make us laugh.

Raya Breakd0wn!! Episode 1

OMG! For the first time ever we have car problem during festive season. It happened last Monday (29 Sept 2008) just at front of Tangkak Exit at km 169.3. Huhu.. Suddenly our 'beloved' PeroduaRusa have some complication and later the mechanic diagnosed that it is Alternator who is the culprit that causing the breakdown. Aha...!

The sequence:
2015 hrs (approximately) Venue: somewhere along PLUS hi way
I feel so paranoid that the boot will open out af sudden because I might not close it properly. So I keep asking Abah to stop anywhere to check whether I've closed it tightly. So Abah stop at one Little R&R ( I call it little coz there's no restaurants or shoppe over there, only toilets and surau and some small lorry selling fruits and drinks). After checking and buying Pineapple Juice Abah found out that he failed to start the engine. We kinda shocked out and thinking that we might playing the scene from DuniaBaru The Movie when the gang need to push their vehicle. Aha..!

The Aid for Eid

People are suppose to feel obligated to give the alms during Ramadhan. But why I'm not??? Hurm..
Yesterday we (Abah+Ummi+Ila+Aisyah+mE) went to KLIA to fetch Arfah. Out of sudden I met Ammar at the waiting area. What a surprise! I dont think he recognized me. Of course he didnt. I dont think he even know my face.. AHaks.. But its a bit shocking to meet him at such irregular place. He is the last person in the world I expected to jump in to, indeed. Haha.. But his family leaves early so I dont manage to small chat with him whatsoever. But why I must have any chat with him anyway? Huhuhu..
The eid will be or scheduled to be or predicted to be on this Wednesday so my family and I had a 'short' shopping spree at Jalan TAR (which the whole idea is totally objected by Abah actually). Luckily we manage to find Baju Melayu for Abah and I'm the one who found the baju for him. :)
We are travelling for Batu Pahat tomorrow afternoon n I expect the weather will be damn hot and not sup…


Who says life is boring? U got to expect the unexpected to happen then u'll feel blessed to be able to breath the O2 surrounding us. This week is the most driving i ever enjoyed.. And the most important thing is I manage to proove to my parents that I am able to drive back home.. Yippie..!!
So last Friday they gave the permission for me to drive alone to go Iftar with Yan and his BF Hafiz.
The enjoyment startled a lil bit when I jumped into somebody's Kelisa whom is so kind hearted (probably coz he's in a hurry. Running for a 1 million tender maybe. Ahaks..)
Luckily and Thankfully that I dont 'hurt' his Kelisa badly.. And what makes me curios the most is the calmness in my father when I confess to him that night bout the incident. The truth is actually the horrible scratches at my mom's Kancil was his fault.. not mine. That is why he looked so patient while I'm explaining to him before.. hahahaha...
So funny..
N this week become so interesting when my parents an…

A week of test.. The Month Full of TEST.

This is a TESTimonial of a girl whom almost failed her test. Ahaks..
I have 4 test this week which all of them are the killers for my grades. (Who say only particular subjects are killers? Any subject is always the killers if we dont care much attention on reading it before exam).
Yet I'm not pregnant coz I get several day of the so-called holiday for women for each Ramadhan.. Holiday or Hollow-day?? since we are starving coz we can't eat right away if we're hungry especially if your housemates are all fasting.. Huhu.. Pity me..

And the campus election is soon to come..

Ramadhan.. Diet.. & Hygiene..

Ramadhan is back! The most awaited month by some of us or maybe the month that makes people feels like wanna go to Europe for vacation. (Opps...). Today is the second day of Ramadhan. So what is our own Ibadah meter?? Have we started on reciting Al-Qur'an? Have we done the Terawih prayer? Did we control our eyes to not to look at several things.. Ahaks.. That one is one of the hardest action to be controlled.
I remember on 1 article I read last year regarding losing weight during Ramadhan. In the right way.. people actually able to reduce up to 6 kilos in this particular month! Amazing.. But the most suitable figure should be around 1-2 kilos per month so the y0-y0 effect will not happen.
Y0-y0 effect is when a person lose too much weight for certain period using improper weight reducing program. The person might believe that she/he had manage to reduce weight successfully but what actually happen is when the 'lose' is only for fluid in the body. To lose your fat, we need to…

Afternoon at Al-Jenderami

Whew.. On Friday we all went to a place named Yayasan Al-Jenderami to fulfill the requirement for Geriatric Nutrition class we took this semester. The place look so serene and peaceful you when you reached there unlike any other place in Malaysia. For my own experience, I never felt so khusyu' while performing my prayer. But I able to focus my mind during my Asar prayer that evening.

Yayasan Al-Jenderami is a self-funding non government association, founded by a group of people who claim themselves as Muhibbun (The Sayyid Lovers). Therefore every month they will celebrate Maulud as the remembrance of our Prophet Muhammad pbuh. There's nothing much I can tell bout them. But what informed, they formed their own community at Kg Jenderam Hilir and have their own rules for their families. Every week they will have meeting and discuss any occurrence that recently happen. The interesting part is when if any of the daughters do not cover the aurat, anyone could easily mention that matt…


Lonely. Despair..

Those words never describe me..


Maybe I am.
But that words forbidden by Mom AMor coz she said the word some how symbolize we're giving up with our life.
Is it??

I am boring.. with this political chaos happens here and there.
People at the t0p playing chess by ignoring us at the commoners whom always pray for better Malaysia for tomorrow living.


Abah says if we get left with politics, We'll be the victim of politics.


Can't you guys.. think about us for 1 minute???
Only 1 minute.

The List

Few days ago Jenna and Farahin and me had listing our old-crush list. It happened to be I am the one who have the longest list. Haha.. Starts with my first crush during Standard 6 and the list ends with the previous (which I recently knew that he's not single. Ahaks..).

Speaking of crush.. I am the one who always blurred in relationship. I knew which guy I like but I never make any move. So the feeling only stucked at the 'crush' phase. Never move on to 'like' phase. Haha.. And maybe that is one factor why I never get involved in any relationship. Since guys always expecting me as 'unavailable' eventhough I never being 'unavailable'. Hurm.. I only realize this last two sem when I of my friend told me that a guy confirmed to her that I already have a boyfriend. Lol!

Well the list should be confidential. Huhu.. But one thing fo sure.. I'll never get any of them since I am not the type of girl that they would choose. So I remain safe and they always …


Since I've been talking about favouritism and fanaticism of certain individual to colour.. I'll scribe some more in here.. Red..
You are impulsive, excitable and energetic. You are ambitious and like things to happen quickly when you want them to do so. You like to be the best in everything you do. You may be a bit insensitive to the feelings of the other people, since you like to be the center of attraction.
Learn to be a good listener. Red means vital force, with your nervous activity urging you to achieve results and be successful. If you make a habit of wearing red it may indicate you place importance on sexual desire and eroticism. This energy can be best used in the form of creative endeavor, leadership development and expansion.
You are courageous and extroverted, but tend to become irritable and bad tempered if you do not get your own way. Learn to be patient. Maroon and brick reds show you are fun loving, but be careful not to become resentful and feel victimized by the o…

Green is the new pink!

There's so much to talk about this week. On Friday we borrowed Nifa's Iswara and went to Nilai 3 to shoppe!! Unfortunately, there is no single ATM machine over the whole area.. The only one ATM machine available is in MarryBrown Restaurant but we couldn't withdraw our money coz the notes is finished. So sad.. I only managed to buy 1 punjab-dress worth RM25 (that was after some bargaining with the auntie).Later it's my turn to drive back to PutraJaya.

We were so closed to accident when I change from slow lane to fast lane. At first I glance trough the back window and I saw this huge lorry is so far from us but suddenly this lorry appears right behind us in a second. Farahin get so frightened at that moment and so did all of us.

Right now we're arguing over Jenna's favourite color. She claims to us her fav. colour is Red but our lil' investigations found out that 80% of her stuffs are pink in colour! Huhu.. Me and Farahin keep tellin…

Shall we???

I embrace my respect on those who work day and night to make sure the city dont stop breathing. The people who work round the clock including plumber man (SYABAS contractor).. road man (labour that work at the constuction of highway or any other road) .. Wire man.. (TNB man) not to 4get the food service people for the 24-hour restaurants.. They're the true heroes of our everyday living. Their heart beat who keep up our daily living. Give them a big applause u guys..! Wee-huu...

Now I'll talk about something else. Some thing more hollistic. Last 2 weeks my family and I went to a place where some girl teenager were situated for giving them some education about life and how they can correct their mistakes. The place is called Raudhatus Sakinah.. In English it means... The Garden of Peace. Which Insya ALLAH the place will bring the girls peace in the heart and soul. The real story is when my 8 year old sister keep asking me 'bout the place.
It's a bit hard to me since I dont…


My 3rd week of this 5th semester will end tomorrow. So lots of things happened that I dont realized it already Thursday morning. What I do remember is I failed to wake up for Sahur this morning when i actually set my alarm twice (just in case I cant wake up or the first alarm). Haha.. And I really can't wake up. What a waste. If I fast today.. at least I could fulfill my Nazar that I made for I passed my driving license test. Ahaks..

Earlier this evening, Yanti and me went for shopping spree at Jusco Balakong.. I feel very glad of my self coz I get almost everythings.. including green umbrella and a small box for my wires.. And my spending are not more than 100 ringgit! Isn't that great?? And I could even buy 3 pieces of Sushi + Wasabi + Sauce. Blame it on Dr Rosita whom always seducing us to try new things especially food that we never tasted before. I almost buy 1 set from teppanyakki but finally i made my choice on Sushi. Haha..

Tomorrow I'm gonna 'date' with Izya…

Not the right place..

Last night I was so excited to watch the first ever debate between two personality in Malaysia: Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek and Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. I am so thrilled to witness the 'mouth war' between them, to see whether Anwar is the best speaker as people say he is and how good Shabery at defending Government's policy. The atmosphere at cafe last night is a not different with other night but last night it is better when people gather at front of tv and listening to the same thing.

Here and there I hear people said that Anwar is on a hot seat since he get involved with some controversies for these past few weeks which only god know whether he is innocent or not. For me.. from my own point of view in term of who is winning the debate...

I rather say that Anwar manage to control his speech from leaving the topics whereas the ministry of information manage to attack Anwar with some personal issues. So even though people might say Anwar win.. I choose to say that it&…

Mind If I Feel....

Things being pretty tough for me lately. Waking up at the morning to attend 8 am class every day except Friday (which means I need to wake up at least 1 hour earlier), staying up late at night to make sure I'm not gonna late in the next morning, be prepared for any situations such meetings and discussions among the MTM members.. These things making my life a bit havoc although I prefer a more relaxed life.

Being busy should make me more discipline. Gosh.. It should really be. But at the end of the day u'll wish u could have another life. The easier and much simpler. And I'm complaining bout my hectic life only in my 2nd week of this new semester! Just imagine how tough my semester will be while we undergo some courses that definitely pushing me up to my limit. I must accept the fact that this is real life. I'm not living in any fantasyland or lala-land that everything is casted under some spell and magically turn to gold when I touch it.

Real life does kills u sometime…

What a week...

It's the 3rd day of Orientation Week for New Intake Students in UPM. Being part of disciplinary unit for the college is a bit tiring and making me wonder what my actual ability is. I can't shout too loud coz otherwise my voice will sound smaller. Ahaks... I never had any experience of being in any disciplinary part before. I was the one who will always debating and complaining to the prefects about all those stupid rules made by the school. I used to climb the fence in Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan with my girls' click if we're too late and don't wanna get caught by the pak guard. What a lousy idea. Thanks to Allah that none of us ever get injured!

I remember once when me and my other two friends, Sarah and Mira were trying to escape the school day by hiding during the inspection by the excos. But because one of us feels afraid we decided to go to school.. Unlucky to us coz the excos are not far enough from the hostel gate. Hahaha.. Laugh out loud to us. We all get boa…

Portugese Settlement

Just got back from Malacca.. the 'historical' city coz I'm having a 4 day course there. Not so much to be talked about except the food at the hotel are damn good. We're having ice cream for lunch and plenty dessert waiting on the table to be swallowed. We being informed that the owner of the hotel is an Indian Muslim. But I wonder how did he managed to built a hotel at the sea-side of Portuguese Settlement. Or maybe he got some Portuguese blood in his so he get the permission to open a hotel there.

For the past few months, I realized something.. About myself to be specifically. Something we dont know what our capability is. We only do what we want to do and be confident about our ability but we don't realize that actually we're nothing. We thought we're really good at something so we wanted to forgo our visualisation and proudly did what we wanted to do. However, at certain point, things aren't work out like we plan it will. So then we'll stop for a…

Usrah yg lazat?? Herm...

This post have been copied and pasted from my beloved best friend's blog.. Just 2 get another point of view about the stories behind Usrah in a person's life.

*1* Berapa lama anda dah sertai usrah?
--Sejak saya bersekolah rendah. Saya dah mula kenal apa itu usrah. Walaupun sebelum tu memang selalu ikut umi or abah pegi usrah. Hehehe.. Setiap hari Sabtu kami akan tilawah Al-Qur'an, dan lepas tu bincangkan soal-soal Fiqh atau Sirah Nabawiyah dengan Ustazah (sebenarnya kat skolah rendah saya dlu ustazah di gelar Muallimah). Lepas tu stop kejap sampai la masa Form 4 start smula bilah pindah SMKA K. Slangor. Dan selepas skolah x pernah berhenti sertai Usrah hinggalah sekarang. Alhamdulillah..

*2* Bagaimana anda boleh sertai usrah
--Pada mulanya kerana memang budaya di sekolah tapi lepas tu di 'arrange' kan untuk menyertai grup Usrah di matrix dan universiti. tapi saya sendiri memang suka untuk menyertai usrah x kiralah di mana.

*3* Kenapa anda menyertai usrah?
Dalam usrah kit…

Perpaduan yang sebenar

Siang tadi kami sekeluarga berkelah di kawasan perkelahan Janda Baik.. Herm.. Mula2 macam tak rami orang tapi menjelang tengah hari barulah kawasan tu dah nak sesak.. Antara pengunjung yang baru sampai masa kami dah nak blik tu.. Ada satu family ni. Indian family. Mula-mula agak terkejut juga sebab jarang jumpa Indian family time berkelah dekat tempat macam ni. Selalunya orang Melayu jer yang suka menghabiskan masa kat tepi sungai macam ni. The water is breezingly cold. Walaupun dah tengah hari rembang.. air tu tetap je maintain sejuk. Agaknya kat hulu sungai tu ada kilang ais kot. Haha..

Anyway... This Indian family.. kebetulan pula ketua family mereka merupakan Pengerusi MIC bahagian Selayang.. what a coincident! Dan tanpa mengetahui perkara itu, ayah saya yang tersayang dengan tiba-tib meramahkan diri untuk bertegur sapa dengan uncle tu dan mereka berbual panjang dengan agak lama. Saya sendiri pun terkejut macam mana ayah saya yang selalunya tak suka berborak lama dengan orang.. tap…

5 Perkara Tipikal dalam drama-drama arahan Rashid Sibir

Semalam saya baru sahaja menonton cerita bertajuk "Mencari Syurga" arahan sutradara Rashid Sibir. Well.. beliau memang ada signature dalam setiap cerita-cerita dia. Sepanjang yang saya ingat, beliau sebelum ni amat gemar buat cerita komedi romantik.. Tajuk drama tu saya x berapa ingat tapi filem memang saya ingat.. tajuk filem dia.. Laila Isabella. Tapi sejak beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini mood beliau dah berubah sikit. Beliau lebih suka mengarahkan cerita-cerita yang menjurus ke arah keagamaan. Setiap kali Hari Raya.. or apa-apa sambutan hari kebesaran Islam.. selalunya Rashid Sibir akan menghadiahkan penonton dengan cerita-cerita beliau yang selalunya akan menginsafkan kita.

Jadi saya ada buat pengamatan sikit mengenai drama-drama beliau.. Listnya macam kat bawah ni...

1) Kisah-kisah penindasan dan berdasarkan kasih sayang yang tidak dibalas.
Macam kata pepatah.. Beri bunga di balas tuba.. Selalunya watak-watak antagonis dlm drama
beliau akan berperangai tidak sedar siri a…

Waiting so long.. huh??

Ait.. dah dekat 6 bulan baru nak post new post ke Farah?? What happened in my life for these past 6 months?? Well.. A lot actually... So much for my own drama.. Macam2 jadi.. Pergi Course Nite at PutraJaya Lake Club la... My birthday on 3rd March la.. My ummi and abah's anniversary la...Actually tu semua kira satu rumusan aa tentang apa yang jadi..

Herm.. apa lagi ek jadi?? Politics?? Pilihan Raya Umum berlangsung 8 Mac lepas dengan kemenangan besar parti pembangkang or I boleh sebut Pakatan Rakyat. Atau.. x nak guna ayat tu.. Okey.. Kita tukar sikit.. PRU lepas berakhir dengan kekalahan teruk Barisan Nasional.. Herm.. Teruk pula bunyinya.. Tapi keadaannya sama je kan? Samada kita nak sebut BN kalah teruk or Pakatan Rakyat menang besar... Erm.. Win or lose BN tetap dapat majoriti kat Parlimen so mereka dan keluarga mereka jugalah yang pegang government Malaysia.. Lagipun buat apa nak kepoh.. Dah diorang jadi pilihan ramai untuk PRU tahun ni... Lagi 4 tahun tak tahu lah macam mana …