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Pray+Donate+Boycott+Pray Again


Awkwardness. Embarrassment.

I really cant forget the day I embarrassed my self. Yeah.. Embarrassment really grown me up. The biggest teacher I ever had. What a teens life without embarrassment, Rite?? 
I often screwed up my day when I failed to deliver well in English. I really must improve my English. either writing or speaking. I struggled to find the exact words especially during spontaneous speech. Its kinda frustrating me since I thought I am quite good at speaking English but actually I am not! How embarrass.
I will fell down in front off people. Well that is funny. I will fall like.. ANnuallY. Haha.. Sometimes in a year if I haven't fall then I will started to think.. When will I fall? Its like crazy.. Isn't it?
Awkwardness.. When I feel attracted towards somebody. Then I will act awkwardly. I mean really awkward within me. Struggling to find the exact reason why I should feel attracted to the guy. Often I fail. Coz I don't know how.. How to show the right emotions. Often I have to let go.. My ow…

Tale of 7 days

Whew.. A week full with lessons!

Saturday: Shocking.Ummi's car get stucked at traffic lite at Kg BukitAngkat Junction (Kajang)

Sunday : Packed. Morning. Learn some gardening thingy with college residences. Afternoon, TNC HEP came to deliver a very short speech. Night: MUH won Juara Lagu. Yippie!!

Monday : Intriguing. Morning: SRC Election day. Manage to not to skip any of the classes. Met Yusoff at the election area. Afternoon:Go get back my car from workshop. Went to Tesco. Found out my lose by 200++ votes.Night: Car broke down at Balakong. ABah and Ummi came to pick me and Farahin. Uncle Tan is a very nice and wealth man. Aha..

Tuesday : Traumatic. Morning: ABah n Ummi drop Kancil at my place. AfternOOn; Succeed to find Strawberry Emulco at BdrBaruBangi. Bump into accident with a motorcycle. Hv to pay rm80 for repair.

Wednesday: Exciting. Cooking time! Hectic and electrifying. Our GroOvyStarwberry Cake is tantalizing and fabulous even some say a lorry of sugar had jump into it. After…

Heaven gArdEn..

Serenity Definition..Find it at: Taman Botani,  Putrajaya

Not All Jewish Are Zionist

>>This Article is forwarded to my email<<

"Jahannam Yahudi!Jahannam Yahudi Laknatullah!Mampus Yahudi!"

Those were amongts the swears being loudly uttered by the demonstrators in any rallies organised in Malaysia in condemning Israel and showing solidarity towards the Palestinians. For some parties, Jews are equal to Zionists, Judaism is equal to Zionism, Jewish nation is equal to Israel.I wouldn't agree much with such generalisation. The fact that what is happening in Gaza, and Palestine as a whole has nothing to do with the Jewish people as a nation nor the Judaism as a religion.

Since the day Herzl (the founder of World Zionist Organisation) declared the idea of Erez Yisrael (Israeli state) until today, thousands of Jews, from the lay people to intellectuals, politicians and thinkers strongly diagreed and oppossed the idea and the ideology for whatever reasons they adherent to.If the Jewish people are all Zionists, What have we to say about people like Alan Ha…

FiNaLe Malaysia OpEN!!

Top Top Left: The guy of the day.. Top Top Right: Sweating Mr Lee Chong Wei. Middle: Eaa.. Amminggo!! Below Left: Cool car.. No driver. haha.. Below Right: Posing moment..

I've been there..... Seriously... See that uncle in Jalur Gemilang shirt?? He said he owned 2 outfit like that..! He's the official supporter for our Malaysian Team. Cool. Isnt it? But the best thing to be remembered is to live the moment.. It's much much much better than watching the games.. Haha.. Anyway.. Congrates Mr Lee!
Define Heaven..
Can u imagine anything like Heaven on earth??

I haven't been to Heaven..
So I dont know how Heaven look like.

How about a serene place.. harmony.. peaceful??

I've found a place that fulfill those 3 words.

Its Taman Botani!!!

Cant believe???
See it for yourself...

S10: Tiny White Creature


i've bought a new notebook..

so small..

so tiny..


it's my mini volvo..

Lenovo s10

or check on lenovo website for more specs info. >>>

MA Soffi Jikan's twin.. Aha..

Still remember Soffi Jikan in ZOmbi Kampung Pisang??

I Mean THis Soffi Jikan... ===+==+==+==>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I met his twin yesterday at ROCK CORNER, MidVal

Well He's really not Soffi Jikan's twin brother but his character reminds me of Medical Assistant Soffi Jikan in Zombi Kampung Pisang.. That mysterious face.. long hair.. almost rebonding type of hair.. AHha...

No offense...

Anyway we manage to get the tickets to witness Malaysia Open Badmintan Open for the finals this Sunday..

Can't hardly wait...


Intense Craving

CRAVING... for Healthier FoOd ch0iceS aVaiLabLe at caFe

CRAVING... for g0d pr0vidE us m0rE tHan 24 h0urs per day

CRAVING.. f0r w0rld to stay in PEACE..

CRAVING... f0r pe0ple to LOVE everyone nevertheless race or faith..

We just never contemplate.. ARen't we??