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Some FB Friend List 'Cleaning' Up

Oh dear..

As I getting more...'additional' numbers to my current age, I started developing new attitude. Which some people might think I'm a socially-awkward person.


Yeap.. I am.

I dont think the 700++ people in my FB friend's list will definitely care my absent from the social network world.. coz I dont care about them neither.

So why should I bother?

So I will start today.. doing some clean-up in the FB list and getting rid of people who simply add me just because they happened to know me in the past. But they didn't do much care of me now (Read: myself didnt feel obliged) to be part of their my life.

Who developed this kind of idea, anyway.??????

We didn't have to add friend EVERYONE we knew in our lives.

It is so typical.

Usually the dialogue will be pretty much like this:

Scene I
(Venue: Kedai makan kat MidValley)

Me: Eh hai!! Jah!! Dah lama tak jumpa kau! (Hugsss.) 
       [komen editor: mana salam kau hah??]
Jah: Farah! Cun kau sekarang! (FH cuba meng-a

Perception towards Aurat

2 Situasi. Jelas beza.


Seorang minah. Melayu. Muka biasa-biasa je. Kadang-kadang ada lah jerawat naik sebiji kat pipi. Pakai tudung, tapi  bukan tudung litup. Tak boleh keluar rumah kalau tak pakai make-up. At least lipstick and maskara. Setiap bulan, beratus-ratus habis sebab beli kosmetik. Dia rasa tak cantik bila tak make-up. Dia rasa bila make-up, baru lah dia nampak berkeyakinan dan orang akan layan dia dengan lebih baik dalam hidup dia.

dan oh ya.

sekali sekala dia berfantasi bagaimana cantiknya jika dia dapat free hair sekali sekala. Kadang-kadang dia pun bosan pakai tudung. Tapi tak tahu kenapa dia pakai juga. Ini kesan (Baca: Subconcious Mind) dari rotan Abah  masa baru-baru lepas datang Haid dulu, Abah kata MESTI pakai tudung. Tapi tak tahu kenapa kena pakai.

So bila time dinner, or function company, dia pakai tudung yang cover rambut je, biar nampak sikit leher dia yang jinjang. Or, keluarkan sikit jambul. Baru orang tahu dia ada rambut yang cantik.


A hot chinese girl…

Somewhere in the past

Their faces show anxiety plus a bit of serenity. They never feel prouder than this very day. A child of their own succeed to enter the new stage.

"Hows all the necessity? All complete-kah?" "Dear Teacher, how much do I have to pay?" "Take care of your self, my little son, mom will not be there to wash your dirty laundry" "Is there any ghost in this school?"

That might by the normal line we will hear.

My oh my, I cant forget the feeling of the first day in Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

I keep say to myself in the first night I slept on the red mattress we bought somewhere in Pengkalan Chepa, "Hanani, this is not any 3 days camp u attend. You'll be 'stuck' here in Kelantan for at least 3 years"


That was back in 2000.. to be precise, 12 years ago.

and today, this morning. My little sister, Aisyah registered in SAM Muhammadiah Pekan Sabak, Sabak Bernam. Abah can only say;

" I no longer have any d…