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2 ekor lembu.

What a long day..
Luckily we have plenty of Watermelon. Thousands of pieces of Watermelon..
I almost get myself drown while enjoying the warmness the aunties gave me.. Which aunties?? These aunties..
I dont know why but i do LOOOVE being surrounded by old ladies.. Hearing their chat.. Their yawning and teasing at each other somehow really soothes my headache. and also stomach ache too. Huhu.. I dont have any idea how the bad bacteria could get the way to enter my stomach.

Talking about 2 cows..?? Yes we are! We had prepare food for about 500 peoples this morning because a wealthy man intend to sacrifice 2 cows and cook them for the Jamaah who attend the Zuhur prayer.

Talking alone is not enough.. I've captured some pics too.. Walaah..
Delicious Daging Goreng Kelantan.. Yummy..
Long Time No see.. Green Syrup. Ahaa!
The 'cute' Tok Mek.. Huhu..

Makan ape kak?

Suatu petang yang damai di Wad 8 HRPZ II.

Farahanani : Erm.. Makcik ade makan buah x?
Patient : Ade..
Farahanani : Buah ape ye makcik?
Patient : Erm.. Epal.. (sambil berfikir)..
Farahanani : Epal tu dalam berapa biji?
Patient: Lima.....
Farahanani: Lima biji ye makcik??
Patient: Eh.. Bukan.. Limau.. Makcik makan buah limau. X kan lah makan epal sampai 5 biji.
Dietitian: Dia ni org luar.. Makcik sebut limau.. dia ingat lima (5).
Farahanani: Oh.. Maaf kan saya.. (Dalam hati: Gosh.. Aku silap dengar.. Huhu...)

Moral nya di sini..: Jangan menyampuk cakap org tua.. Dengar dulu sampai habis. Hahaha...

Speak Clearly PleaSe...

Kelantan.. here I am..
I've been here.. I inhaled the air.. then I exhaled it back..
The train journey was better than ever including the black-out package we got from GuaMusang to TanahMerah. That was a 'hot' journey. Its a bit awkward when you could see people let their child walking without shirt in the coach. People really feels at home when they ride on train.. I guess so.. Huhu...

PasarSITIKHADIJAH with lots of new looks

Here in KotaBharu I stay with the nicest TokMek and Tok Ayah with their marvellous Bibik whom always cook for us. Of course coz its her duty.. isnt it? Haha..I've been to more place within these 7 days rather than my 4 years schooling term back then.. One of them is to KotaDarulNaim which is actually the SetiausahaKerajaanNegeri office for Kelantan. Such a serene place that situated almost all the government section for Kelantan Ministry State including Tuan Guru NikAzizNik Mat's office.

Overall.. I am praying for the best for me here... With all …

Daa.. KL..

tonite i'm going to Kota Bharu..
Farewell to KL.. my beloved city.. the one that i will miss night and day.

When one claim they're KL people.. They must obey to certain principle. It is funny.. Definitely funny when people claim they live in KL. or they have been to KL but actually they are not even an inch near to KL!
Is Puchong / Hulu Langat / Cheras /AMpang is part of KL???
But Practically??? A BIG NO NO!

For me to claim you're in KL, you have to see clearly the lights in KLCC and you must be not more than 5 miles from Dataran Merdeka. My house is 3rd Mile from Dataran so I'm still consider as in the neighboring site of KL.

SO what is so proud of staying in KL? Or have been to any of shopping centre in KL and then proudly announce your memorable visit to KL to your neighbours?

It is very difficult for me to understand people's behavior. It is the way of our thinking that discriminate us all. Either we are very knowledgeable and rationale.. or j…