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Portugese Settlement

Just got back from Malacca.. the 'historical' city coz I'm having a 4 day course there. Not so much to be talked about except the food at the hotel are damn good. We're having ice cream for lunch and plenty dessert waiting on the table to be swallowed. We being informed that the owner of the hotel is an Indian Muslim. But I wonder how did he managed to built a hotel at the sea-side of Portuguese Settlement. Or maybe he got some Portuguese blood in his so he get the permission to open a hotel there.

For the past few months, I realized something.. About myself to be specifically. Something we dont know what our capability is. We only do what we want to do and be confident about our ability but we don't realize that actually we're nothing. We thought we're really good at something so we wanted to forgo our visualisation and proudly did what we wanted to do. However, at certain point, things aren't work out like we plan it will. So then we'll stop for a…