Just another BIRTH-date..


I must thank my Umi for the courage to giving birth to this girl whom later growing this big.. lol.. I must thank my Abah for the responsibility he took when he started hearing my cries for the first time.. He should have know that my dosa will be debited into his account till the day I get married.. But Abah still let Umi keep me alive in her womb for 9 months plus-plus..

Gosh... Nothing new about that.. 

In these years.. the quarter-ly I've managed to survive and breathe, I met many kind of people which directly and indirectly shaped me to be who I am today. 

I must be thankful to them, indeed. 

Live is about networking.. You know a person..whom happened to be your colleague's schoolmate, who later married to your universiti-mate, and his brother is actually your acquaintance, and so and so and so on... What a coincidence! 

But it's not, like Umi always repeat. 

"No coincidence..It's Allah's decision to make it happened."

Hurm...Okey.. No-Thing a coincident, I conclude later.

Even when the winner of all sperms that made it through Umi's ovum and taraaaaaaaaa... 

(Me was born!)

That is surely not a coincidence. Naaa.. The sperms were doing some competition among them.. lol.

0106 hours
Venue: University Hospital

i am now 25 years, 25 hours, and 25 minutes..

How cool is that?

and the number wont stop...till my last breath..

Woaaa... Nothing cooler than that!

Now I'm gonna start to think about 


A granny maybe?? What? My daughter get married and have child earlier than I am? This can't be!

A super hot Mak Long whom never gave birth but living with the most sporting Husband and we were voted as favourite uncle and aunty?? This is one nice option

A grumpy old lady??? Naaah.. that doesnt sound like me.

Huh... This is tough.. 25 years ago I never imagine I will be someone like I am now.. and why a baby would be thinking about her future after all??? You're ridiculous la Farahanani..

On top of that.. I must remember that I am just a servant. 

Farahanani must remember to say;

Alhamdulillah.... Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah..

For all these Nikmat that You granted me.. 

The Nikmat of being a Muslimah.. 
The Nikmat of being me.. 
The Nikmat of living in this so-called peaceful Malaysia..lol.
The Nikmat of being in this family who love me so much even they dont show it.. 
The Nikmat of breathing.. the free air that doesnt require any monthly fees..

Alhamdulillah.... Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah..

Okey.. Enough talking.. 

Good day to you my dear reader (If there is any) I am too happy to be angry or upset.

Now is the age for chasing my dreams!!!!! 

Please chase your dreams too, it's satisfying. Trust me!

and dont ask me why I deactivate my facebook. Its my birthday..not yours.. lalalalalalala


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