Negative energy go away!

Hello readers!

Its been a while since FH got little personal with u guys. Dear silent readers who seldom drop any comments, I appreciate your time. I cannot ask for more. Hope you enjoy your life.(>_<)

FH must say, that my life haven't been easy for 2013 so far. We're embracing November now and 2013 keep giving me frown than smiles. 

I know. I know.. People keep telling me some things much much better is awaiting for me. But that is in future which I never know when it will happen. So I just continue my life as usual and life for the day. 

I can't predict my future but I can control my now. 

That's my motto for the time being. 

Kind of

Thinking about the unknown blurry future only giving me headache. So I stop. This is definitely temporary people, dont freak out about me. FH needs to clear up my minds and thoughts. I really hope all these 2013 mess wrap up a little bit closer so i can head up to 2014 with style (absolutely!)

Few days ago I learnt about something called 'Lekatan Emosi'. I cant think of the term in English but from what I understand, it will happen when we hold back our emotion. 

Let say you are crying, but you have a second thought that you feel stupid if crying over something you shouldn't. So you stop. That will lead to unfinished negative aura flushing.(Because crying actually helps you flush away all those negative emotion that was contained in your innerself) 

This unfinished crying/flushing, will cause stain in your soul. Trapped and accumulated like a dirt. Eventually it will burdening your already stressed mind and kaboom! You'll get MIGRAINE. 

I once heard a psychologist told me (not in any psychology session or anything like that). Haha. She told me that mental illness might develop from a simple spark of stress.

It goes like this;


I dont want to be in any part of the process. So FH is working on several options of how to get rid of my stress.

The pain is not giving me headache but I got some chest pain which is might due to the 'LEKATAN EMOSI'.

Yes. Some times FH tried to rationalize my emotional moment. Then I'll stop my crying over; let say.. MK death.. My imperfections as a woman.. My loneliness?

That is actually very dangerous. So a psychologist gave me a tip about crying. We should never distort our crying moment. 

So cry if you want to cry people. Cry when ever..wherever you feel comfortable..without any prejudice from people and the your own self.

Do adult cry and still look cute like this????



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