Awkwardness. Embarrassment.

I really cant forget the day I embarrassed my self. Yeah.. Embarrassment really grown me up. The biggest teacher I ever had. What a teens life without embarrassment, Rite?? 

I often screwed up my day when I failed to deliver well in English. I really must improve my English. either writing or speaking. I struggled to find the exact words especially during spontaneous speech. Its kinda frustrating me since I thought I am quite good at speaking English but actually I am not! How embarrass.

I will fell down in front off people. Well that is funny. I will fall like.. ANnuallY. Haha.. Sometimes in a year if I haven't fall then I will started to think.. When will I fall? Its like crazy.. Isn't it?

Awkwardness.. When I feel attracted towards somebody. Then I will act awkwardly. I mean really awkward within me. Struggling to find the exact reason why I should feel attracted to the guy. Often I fail. Coz I don't know how.. How to show the right emotions. Often I have to let go.. My own feelings.. So I wont get hurt.. Coz I hate rejection. I hate rejection.

So how am I suppose to act? Towards all this embarrassment and awkwardness??
Nothing. i just act me. Coz I am me. Will always me. Ever..


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