Tale of 7 days

Whew.. A week full with lessons!

Saturday: Shocking.Ummi's car get stucked at traffic lite at Kg Bukit Angkat Junction (Kajang)

Sunday : Packed. Morning. Learn some gardening thingy with college residences. Afternoon, TNC HEP came to deliver a very short speech. Night: MUH won Juara Lagu. Yippie!!

Monday : Intriguing. Morning: SRC Election day. Manage to not to skip any of the classes. Met Yusoff at the election area. Afternoon:Go get back my car from workshop. Went to Tesco. Found out my lose by 200++ votes.Night: Car broke down at Balakong. ABah and Ummi came to pick me and Farahin. Uncle Tan is a very nice and wealth man. Aha..

Tuesday : Traumatic. Morning: ABah n Ummi drop Kancil at my place. AfternOOn; Succeed to find Strawberry Emulco at Bdr Baru Bangi. Bump into accident with a motorcycle. Hv to pay rm80 for repair.

Wednesday: Exciting. Cooking time! Hectic and electrifying. Our GroOvy Starwberry Cake is tantalizing and fabulous even some say a lorry of sugar had jump into it. Afternoon: Fell at stairs. SOme minor injuries at my left shoulder. Send Yanti to PKU for teeth probs.. Met "Interframe" by luck. Gosh.. I still cant forget him.

Thursday: Refreshing. Wear pink skirts to class coz I dont feel well. Haha..

Friday: Positive. Do some mistakes during Food Service Presentation. Regret. Get stucked in traffic at Jalan Tun Razak. That's why people in KL had problems with their nerves and blood. AHaks..

Saturday: Exhilarating. Morning: Some mind-therapy at Time Square. I think I am capable to make TS empty. Huhu. Evening: Attend a relative wedding. The Tok Kadi is sooo humorous.

I learns sooo many things this week.
Alhamdulillah ALLAH makes me through..


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