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Monday, February 9, 2009

Helang Kuat a.k.a Langkawi

Just got back from Langkawi!!!!
This visit appears to be the most electrifying and unforgettable visit..

Its all because of 3 marvellous things..
1>>> The Langkawi GeoPark Cable Cark.. (p/s: Geo, its not your park anyway.. Haha..)
2>>> Shop till I drop. I really drop during the shopping slot the organizer provided for me.. Huhu.. Langkawi caan make all of us go crazy for shppoing spree.
3>>> Grreat food by chef and cooks from Langkawi Boutique Resort, Pantai Chenang. The BBQ is marvellous.. especially because they also serve Tomato Ketchup. AHa....


Setiap kata-kata yang lahir dari hati itu adalah milik anda.. dengan ilham daripada Allah untuk anda..