Think Like A Guy.. I suppose..

It happened to be girls usually collide with trouble and really don’t know how to solve it. Eventually they will stuck right at the middle and get nowhere. Why girls??? Why should we be like this so many many times?? and then guys will look at us and laugh at us because we just adding one more humiliation episodes to our own life stories. Must we stick to this situation?? Must we always be helpless (though on several occasion we should rely on men).

So how? How do we suppose to act? To face all these circumstances in life. These misery.. This sorrow. Remember the famous quotes.. No Women No Cry??? I think guys just being egoistic. Blaming it all on women. So I think I should blame their mother whom also a woman to gave the chances to those sexist man to even breathe the air on their very first second on earth. (Do not forget.. Not all guys are loser..)

My idea.. The whole bigger spectrum is.. To think like a guy. I often heard this quote before.. Maybe a title of a book written by a guy.. or maybe an article also might be written by a man. Why man always love to give us guidance?? But when it comes into women matters they also seek an advice from another man. See...??? They always trust their dudes.. Wake up man.. Guys..! You guys just can’t live without us. And for those homosexual who said women are bad to them. Aren't there were many guy who treat girl badly too?? Is that the only solution?? To turn your head from girl and say: Girl.. I just fed-up with your attitudes.  Well.. Guys.. We are too..

So girls.. Its time for us to think like a guy.. I suppose.. Here's some tips that I personally asked and observed from my guy friends...

 1. Think easily. Do not complicate it. If you are think that world is gonna end when you can't have a shopping spree with your friend.. You are in a deep trouble. The shopping complex will not move unless there's an earthquake or tsunami disaster happen. But we're in Malaysia.. I bet you all should know the Pacific Fire Ring and those things.

2. Which one will you choose?? A red scarf worn with a cream blouse that have some red pattern on it or just wear the cream blouse with a cream scarf so that you will look thinner?? The answer is… Both! See… You’re again making everything complicated. World is not complicated unless you say it so..

3. Let say… Your boyfriend forget to reply to your thousand messages.. or he may be too busy doing something else which is must be more important than to respond to your nagging because he forget your coming exam.. Or he is out of credit or maybe his batt is low. And you girl only think that he already forget you and do not love you anymore. What a shame.. Guys can continue their daily chores without us but why don’t we??

So think again..before you girls ever dare to say guy nowadays are intolerable and insensitive.. Maybe us girl who being ignorant and insensitive that actually them guys love us more than anything else in the world.. Who knew??



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  2. iye..
    cuma menulis sebuah kenyataan perasaan..


  3. hahah,i agreed la kak!
    thanks for the tip lol ;)


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