Daa.. KL..

tonite i'm going to Kota Bharu..
Farewell to KL.. my beloved city.. the one that i will miss night and day.

When one claim they're KL people.. They must obey to certain principle. It is funny.. Definitely funny when people claim they live in KL. or they have been to KL but actually they are not even an inch near to KL!
Is Puchong / Hulu Langat / Cheras /AMpang is part of KL???
But Practically??? A BIG NO NO!

For me to claim you're in KL, you have to see clearly the lights in KLCC and you must be not more than 5 miles from Dataran Merdeka. My house is 3rd Mile from Dataran so I'm still consider as in the neighboring site of KL.

SO what is so proud of staying in KL? Or have been to any of shopping centre in KL and then proudly announce your memorable visit to KL to your neighbours?

It is very difficult for me to understand people's behavior. It is the way of our thinking that discriminate us all. Either we are very knowledgeable and rationale.. or just a wannabe..



  1. hehe...

    That's Y..liFe is interesting beb...X best la iF 1 view sj...People Come wif 1001 View!=D


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