Speak Clearly PleaSe...

Kelantan.. here I am..
I've been here.. I inhaled the air.. then I exhaled it back..
The train journey was better than ever including the black-out package we got from Gua Musang to Tanah Merah. That was a 'hot' journey. Its a bit awkward when you could see people let their child walking without shirt in the coach. People really feels at home when they ride on train.. I guess so.. Huhu...

Pasar SITI KHADIJAH with lots of new looks

Here in Kota Bharu I stay with the nicest Tok Mek and Tok Ayah with their marvellous Bibik whom always cook for us. Of course coz its her duty.. isnt it? Haha..I've been to more place within these 7 days rather than my 4 years schooling term back then.. One of them is to Kota Darul Naim which is actually the Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri office for Kelantan. Such a serene place that situated almost all the government section for Kelantan Ministry State including Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat's office.

Overall.. I am praying for the best for me here... With all the circumstances.. I hope I can get through against all odds.. Huhu..


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