Some FB Friend List 'Cleaning' Up

Oh dear..

As I getting more...'additional' numbers to my current age, I started developing new attitude. Which some people might think I'm a socially-awkward person.


Yeap.. I am.

I dont think the 700++ people in my FB friend's list will definitely care my absent from the social network world.. coz I dont care about them neither.

So why should I bother?

So I will start today.. doing some clean-up in the FB list and getting rid of people who simply add me just because they happened to know me in the past. But they didn't do much care of me now (Read: myself didnt feel obliged) to be part of their my life.

Who developed this kind of idea, anyway.??????

We didn't have to add friend EVERYONE we knew in our lives.

It is so typical.

Usually the dialogue will be pretty much like this:

Scene I
(Venue: Kedai makan kat MidValley)

Me: Eh hai!! Jah!! Dah lama tak jumpa kau! (Hugsss.) 
       [komen editor: mana salam kau hah??]
Jah: Farah! Cun kau sekarang! (FH cuba meng-angkat bakul sendiri)
Me: Err... Biasalah! Apa cer kau sekarang? Belajar ke kerja? Dah kahwin? Anak berapa?
Jah: Malas lah aku nak cerita.. Kau add aku kat FB je la. Senang.. 
       Jah Vogue the Vass.
Me: Haaa... Okay2.. Great! Nanti kita FB Chat ye..

Oh, dear.

Oh no... will it be another dialogue like this?

Scene II
(Venue: Persekitaran tempat kerja yang dirahsiakan. Sebab takut nanti ramai serbu. Wahh)

Me: (Apasal asyik aku je yang start conversation? Memang dasar bubbly kau ni)
Me: Lala, kau tak tengok ke status aku semalam? aku ni tension sebenarnya.
Lala: Ye ke.. Aku tak tahu pulak. Eh, aku tak add kau lagi la. Apa nama fb kau?
Me: Farahanani Amhazali. (Nama sekadar hiasan)
Lala: (Sambil menggunakan Iphone nya)
Lala: Dah add! Nanti kau approve, aku komen kat status kau.
Me: Okey! Malam karang aku approve. Kelas kau teros add!!

Oh, yes.

what a typical scenario which causing ass to add 'unnecessary' people to our FB friend list. Me not excluded, heh.

But who are these un-Necessary people, huh?

1. Any ex-school mate / taska-mate/ tadika-mate/ nursery-mate/university-mate/colleague/orang yang baru jumpa sekali kat KL Sentral tapi borak lama gilerr sampai ingat boleh jadi Friends Forever/ and the list go on and on............
It is not a big issue if you really care about them. But when they dont seems to care your existence more than 3 month. not even wish your Birthday even appear on their buzz, should you FACEBOOK them?

2. Totally stranger to you.
with no mutual friends at all. no logical direct link to your. they're not even your neighbour. Why they should be in the Friend list and read your status about your broken heart, anyway???

3. People who add you for marketing.
Sorry all salesmen and saleswomen. Your initiative and effort are not appreciated.. I wont let you steal my timeline with your endless advertorial.

4. People who add you because they just love adding people.
You will not know. But just look at the 1000++ friends and timeline. Are the only status were 'Thanks for Add"???????


and yours truly, with all the respect, allow you guys, if you my dearest reader, whom happened to by in my FB friend list, if you feel I neglect you all these while. Please just click the "UNFRIEND" list for me.

Please do.



 FH thinks she likes this: Penelope Leather.


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