MH370: Story of Hope, Impatience and Fear

Salam readers.

Its 16 days, 7 hours and 30 minutes ++ since the most mysterious disappearance of a Boeing 777 in modern history. I find it disturbing every time I hear any speculations, theories, conspiracy theories, assumption, new findings, because till this very day, we don't know what happened to MH370. I am just one of the millions Malaysian, who affected by this state of ambiguity. I can't imagine how it goes for the families and next of kin. The pain is unbearable, I guess.

Experts were mushrooming.

We can see and read everywhere, so many people trowing their ideas in the pool. Us commoners might can't contain anymore the amount of aviation facts that were presented to us. Suddenly we learn about distress signal, radar technology, satellite, ATC Tower, and rules in cockpit. I myself, read almost every theory, to feed my hunger in knowing about the possibilities of MH370 whereabouts. I was like, Pass the Pop Corn please!

So far, my highest respect goes to Datuk Azharuddin and the whole gang for standing up against the ocean of reporters. Sometimes we can see Datuk Hishamuddin joining the PC and we learn some of his personalities from that. I must say they are the man of the match. Their courage to face the world, to share their own burden of responsibilities, words might not be spoken but just look at their eyes, those tired eyes who need support from us. 

Bashing and condemn are not helping at all

Now we have some other experts, who criticizing Malaysia way of handling things. Well hello to Malaysia. The land of bureaucracy. I stand 50% in this. The only thing that we need from a PC is consistency. Do not ever change your statement. That just confusing even more. Again, do we have the guts to stand there like the guy at the rostrum who being the floor manager a.k.a crowd control? I don't think so. I highly doubt myself and even some of the critics to be better. But hey? I thought we have a Prime Minister?

Hope and Hunger

I heard stories about some of family members who demand the truth from Malaysia Government by doing Hunger Strike. I don't know if that can solve the problem at all. You see, every image from satellite data, was reported to Malaysian Government, and from that, the troop begin their object chasing. Sometimes, its feel like chasing shadows because every time they reach the location, the object is not found. Every lead in the SAR, bring new hope that crushed into dust when it turns to dead end. I hope the ERT will do excellent job in consorting the grieving family members. 

Prayer will save us all.

Ultimately, only prayers to the one and only Allah, which will spare us in despair. We must convince, that every thing happens for a reason, be it for anything that we will understand one day. We might disagree now, of the happening in our lives, but every things that occurs in the past actually brought us to this very day. Your current act, while you're reading this article, is the result from one simple steps in the past. There's no such thing as coincidence because Allah have planned everything for us. We human, with our limitations, will never know things in the future. 

An interview with Kapten Norudin. Soothing and calming.


**Update on 24 March 2014**

As for now, 12 hours ago the Prime Minister Dato' Najib Razak announced the last detected signal of MH370 is in the middle of Southern Indian Ocean. Notoriously known as big waves, far from any land, and technically in the middle of nowhere. This is a saddening fact and causing more uproar among families in China. Now they accuse Malaysian Government of murdering the victims. I don't know what are the possible motives for MAS to kill people on their board especially during this Visit Malaysia 2014 fest. This uneventful just bring more bad business to them rather than goodwill. Speculators will point out their theories sooner than we can handle. Just wait and see.


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