I am totally confuse with my self..
So I pray to Allah and hope He gives me His guidance..
To choose between your mom and your own needs is totally a hit for a person..
I choose my mom.. and my choice too but in my own way.,..
I hope that Allah will always be with me..

But I'm glad coz I choose this path..
Finding your own spouse can bring sooo many drama and tragedy..
Well.. I wanna write scene.. not tragedy..

I just watch one of the video made by MMU(Malaysia Multimedia University) last night..
And I feel proud of them.. The video's title is MMU Hijab and that is one video every Muslim women should watch of especially those who still in the grey area about why they're wearing the hijab..

In this modern and fast living world, we often forget what is the cause we did everything we done.. So we should go back to our root by reading the Quran and ask to Allah..

Of course we don't found the answer right away.. But sooner or later Allah will answer you with your own way.. Just think about the matter and He'll clarify your mind..

Insya Allah..


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