The Aid for Eid

People are suppose to feel obligated to give the alms during Ramadhan. But why I'm not??? Hurm..
Yesterday we (Abah+Ummi+Ila+Aisyah+mE) went to KLIA to fetch Arfah. Out of sudden I met Ammar at the waiting area. What a surprise! I dont think he recognized me. Of course he didnt. I dont think he even know my face.. AHaks.. But its a bit shocking to meet him at such irregular place. He is the last person in the world I expected to jump in to, indeed. Haha.. But his family leaves early so I dont manage to small chat with him whatsoever. But why I must have any chat with him anyway? Huhuhu..
The eid will be or scheduled to be or predicted to be on this Wednesday so my family and I had a 'short' shopping spree at Jalan TAR (which the whole idea is totally objected by Abah actually). Luckily we manage to find Baju Melayu for Abah and I'm the one who found the baju for him. :)
We are travelling for Batu Pahat tomorrow afternoon n I expect the weather will be damn hot and not supportive for our j0urney especially when we're riding on Rusa. I hope Ila wont disatisfied again and say that she feels like she's in a hot microwave oven. Hahaha.. I really pray that she'll marry a rich man that will satisfy her with all the wealth in the w0rld coz I dont think she could withstand any suffer or hunger. Ahaks..
So much for Eid.. So till I have the time again to scribe..
Eid Mubarak and we must say goodbye to Ramadhan Kareem..


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