Who says life is boring? U got to expect the unexpected to happen then u'll feel blessed to be able to breath the O2 surrounding us. This week is the most driving i ever enjoyed.. And the most important thing is I manage to proove to my parents that I am able to drive back home.. Yippie..!!
So last Friday they gave the permission for me to drive alone to go Iftar with Yan and his BF Hafiz.
The enjoyment startled a lil bit when I jumped into somebody's Kelisa whom is so kind hearted (probably coz he's in a hurry. Running for a 1 million tender maybe. Ahaks..)
Luckily and Thankfully that I dont 'hurt' his Kelisa badly.. And what makes me curios the most is the calmness in my father when I confess to him that night bout the incident. The truth is actually the horrible scratches at my mom's Kancil was his fault.. not mine. That is why he looked so patient while I'm explaining to him before.. hahahaha...
So funny..
N this week become so interesting when my parents and I went to choose our fridge this afternoon. My father wanted to buy a 3-door fridge but my mom and me prefer the 2-doors one ( for the first time ever we agreed on one thing. Ahaks..). At the end I won. Coz my father decided to buy the 2-doors one. Hahaha...
Is winning necessary??


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