Ramadhan.. Diet.. & Hygiene..

Ramadhan is back! The most awaited month by some of us or maybe the month that makes people feels like wanna go to Europe for vacation. (Opps...). Today is the second day of Ramadhan. So what is our own Ibadah meter?? Have we started on reciting Al-Qur'an? Have we done the Terawih prayer? Did we control our eyes to not to look at several things.. Ahaks.. That one is one of the hardest action to be controlled.
I remember on 1 article I read last year regarding losing weight during Ramadhan. In the right way.. people actually able to reduce up to 6 kilos in this particular month! Amazing.. But the most suitable figure should be around 1-2 kilos per month so the y0-y0 effect will not happen.
Y0-y0 effect is when a person lose too much weight for certain period using improper weight reducing program. The person might believe that she/he had manage to reduce weight successfully but what actually happen is when the 'lose' is only for fluid in the body. To lose your fat, we need to be consistently increase the fitness level trough moderate exercise.
So much for the diet.. Huhu.. Last Sunday I followed my mom to Pasar Borong Selayang for some groceries.. OMG.. The condition is so bad that we can actually meet a dog looking for foods just below the table.. Yuckss.. I swear and I hope that last Sunday visit will be my last visit to any market. I cant imagine how people can survive in such condition and how people can be so blind to just buy raw foods at such place.
I think government need to do something about this and urgently. Otherwise people will keep suffer from food borne-illness.

Wallahua'lam.. & Ramadhan kareem..


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