Temperature Raising..

It's getting hot in here.. Getting hot.. Getting hot..
A bit eerie.. since April have the most BALANCE climate in the whole year for this side of Malaysia.. (West Coast Area). You will dried up all your bunch of clothes during the day and you'll witness storms and thunders all over your night.  
Well.. To recall some notes from our Geography Text Bo0k way back in the PMR period..
November-March : Monsoon Season for East-Coast Malaysia
April                          : Intermediate Month
May-September    :  Wet Season for West-Coast Malaysia
October                    :  Intermediate Month
Well.. Geography might sounds boring to some people but I do love Geography in whatever ways it confuse us. Haha..

But we never felt this hot in Malaysia.. Do you think El-Nin0 and La-Nina did plays some roles this time? I do think so. Correct me if I am wrong.  Global Warming really makes us in misery. And who cause Global Warming?? Its us.. dude.. The Ignorant Human Being.  Or some say it's a natural occurrence that already happened thousands and thousands years ago.

So.. If you feel it really hot out there.. This is the most perfect time to practice Visualisation. Just imagine the relaxation of being in a pool full with ice. Then hopefully we could forget that we're melting under the burning sun. Huhu..


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