The very last day of lecture...

10 APRIL 2009..
What's so special?? Its my last day attending lecture.. :) The very best thing is I did sooo many things on that day.. Huhu..
1) Returning back all the table we borrowed from the hip Uncle Bala..
Left: Uncle Bala.. While Keyo & Ge0 showing off their strength to angkat the table.. Haha..
Right: The Mighty Table Team.. Ohh yEahhh! (ge0+key0+Ker Li+me[behind the camera!!])

2) Presentation... on our visit to KLIA Brahims.. a.k.a MAS Catering..
3) Struggling to finish up my assignment. Coz suddenly the file disappear coz I over wrote it under Resipi Laksa file.. Haha.. How silly is that?
4) Running under the rain. Catching up the time to submit the BLUE form to 'Abang Ezani' The Tingkat 3 Man.. Hoho..
5) My Case report kena hujan. Walawehh..
6) Paying my fees via CIMB CLicks and it will only clear on Monday.. WHAT??? SUnday is the due date to register the courses for next sem! So...
7) I cried out loud. Never cry that much before.. Sampai rasa nak demam.. Hahaha..
8) Call Puan Baizura but asked Farahin to speak for me.. She said that is NOT A BIG DEAL lorr..
9) Texting one of the most important guy in my life... Telling him bout my misery. But that is only after I call Ummi la.. Hihi... *Wink*Wink*
10) The grieve only clear after 2 days.. only after [him] text me again asking my condition.. Huhu...
That's a wrap!
All the 6 semesters of studying and struggling.. Chasing the bus.. Hectic life study.. its all end on 10 April 2009.
I better hope I dont have to repeat any papers.. Otherwise I wont be going to any of my practical next year. But if I were to repeat any of those days I had here in FPSK and k17.. I willing to do it again.. But this time make sure I really enjoy every seconds I breathe..! Weehuu...

Left: Scenery that i enjoyed on my way back from busy day..
Right: Starting the day..


  1. Waaaa...Muka sYyyyyy...ahaKKks.....

    Uncle Bala n keyo kuat...Tp plg kuat KERLi...ahahha..=D...sure u njoy ur last day wehhh...

  2. huhu...
    enjoy every single second of it...


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