Wasting Time.. Money..

Left: Uncle JPJ busy handling people passing by to watch accident scene at front Sogo.

Right: Yeahh.. Life always got story. Co0l car owned by a girl.. AHa..

Left: Me.. Finishing a crab's feet. Haha..

Right: Us.. [Wadi+Farahin+Yanti+Me] Finishing the sate Kajang.. Hoho

The last week in UPM? I really handle this well. Haha.. As I knew and my abah knew.. I am really expert at finishing up all my money. This whole semester really suffers me. Thanks to Arfah whom I passed my desktop to that demand me to buy my own laptop using the JPA money I got. Does sacrifice really rang any bell to me? ALWAYS. And yet my sisters still dont know how much I love them. Haha..

KL BoOK Fair?? Books never bored me. I never done with boOks even the technology jump in my daily life. WHatt??? Paper kills the trees and we must go grEen?? Ahh.. books are the marker for civilization. Without anyone ever think of compiling the paper to form a book, none of us would hear anything such as Nebuchad-Nezzar or the Confederation of Madinah Al-Munawwarah. Even the Holy Al-QUran is a stack of papers compiled during Saidina Usman's reign. Otherwise none of us would read Al-QUran in book form today or maybe gradually somebody else would do compilation and the Mushaf Uthmani wouldn't ever exist.

Enough about bOoks.. Now we talk about shopping. Girls always go crazy when they saw any sales happening in town. And I will only go crazy if I really have the money and all the g0ods have been marked down below rm50. Haha.. I just wonder how discounted a good was if the store always practice discount every month. Do you ever wonder if they're actually selling goods at lower quality and tell the world that they had marking down the price. Possible? Isn't it?



  1. frh nani!! cane korang boleh makan besar cam tu tanpa mengajak ak join skali..cett..majuk ni


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