Not a gOod SMS-er...

It always happened to me.. People didnt reply to my SMS-s.. Haha..
So that makes me a bad SMS-er...
There are 2 types of people:
First Group: those who have the capability to talk non stop via phone or one-to-one conversation.. but they're totally blurr to text.
and we have
Second Group: those who are really shy to talk. sometimes they dont talk at all to people they knew. But when they're texting.. They can be the most lovey-dovey person on Earth or gave the best respond to every messages you sent them.

I am totally clear which group I'm belonged to. I am pretty sure that people SMS-ing will definitely felt boring when contacting me via SMS. Hurm.. Now I guess I should be prepared when I'm writing the next SMS I send... Hohoho...


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