MAHA 5th Day (30 Nov 2010)

Hye Guys... Assalamualaikum.

Its been literally a tiring week for me. 2 days helping Umi catering for Vegas Pro Workshop and 6 days working at part time Qurrotaaini Booth at Hall D, MAHA. (Well, this job is not finished yet). I'm soo thrilled and excited to be part of MAHA as exhibitor. 

Coz it is way better than being the visitor. 

Just like last time when I became the Committee for Maher Zain Save the Soul Concert. Its much more cool-er than being the audience. Hoho.

So this MAHA. is so LARGE. and lots of people coming to this extravagant 2 year-ly event.(Damn. Taktahu apa istilah English utk 2 tahun sekali). I mean. SUMPAH. Giler2 ramai. LOAD of People. By bus. By taxi. Driving. Riding. You name it. 

If there's a water road to it, the river will run off. Maybe boats will not be moving so people will be swimming for the sake of going to MAHA. Ngahahaha.. Exaggerating.

If you never heard of it. (Believe me. They do exist.) Check this out >> 

Okey. Here's some for your view. Its only 0.01% from the excitement. You got to come to FEEL it. ;)

Buses Queue Line.. Just imagine how much people. Uncountable!

Sounds promising enough right? 
The popular selection includes; Nasi Dagang Padang Midin, Sate Tulang Jelebu ( Never knew Sate could be made from Bones), Rendang Pucuk Ubi, Nasi Lemak Aziz Desa, Mee Calong Beserah (I must try this!), Cendol Gula Enau, Izzrah Dim Sum (Sedap!). and whole lot more....!

Mr. Aziz Desa enjoyed being the DJ of The Day.

Tired foot? Here's some relaxing spot. Just leave your feet to The Blinds..

One of customer at our booth. This kid is having good time playing with his cute sis while their father testing our product.


Fashion tip for visiting MAHA: Wear a hat. Like they did. Comel!
This family came from Banting. Good idea, huh?

Yeah!! This is my fav! 
Got it from a former customer. He gave us for FREE! Thanks!

p/s: Dont eat before you come. The exhibitors are ready to blow-up your stomach with tonnes of food.


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