So called Magic

Salam readers! 

I was suppose to write on this yesterday but apparently Rifqi already steal Monday's Show. Hehe.

Last Saturday I attend Dietitian Day held by Dumex Company in Cititel Hotel. The topic mainly about Allergy - Cows Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA). But I dont want to talk about that. Not just yet.

The best part of event (other than Buffet Lunch@ Citi Cafe) is the finale act by a wizard. Really. A magic show as dessert to all those theories and case studies presented earlier.

What a day! Speechless!

The Magician called himself Hafiz the Wizard. You can check on his web here:

I must say that I was really entertained. Never watched a Magic Performance live on my very own eyes before.  But I can say that this man 'The Wizard" really brings the drama to his well choreographed performance. People get excited, I myself screamed a couple of times just because I cant believe how he manage to do seems impossible tricks. Of course, by hand trick and with the helps of 'magical' props. But when we're in that situation, the best thing is to join the show and enjoy.

No. This is not Hafiz the Wizard. LOL.

Me, skeptically watching carefully from the beginning.Hoping to catch some subtle and tiny details that will reveal some of his tricks. I think I did. Heh.. But show like that can only be done with years of practices.

Later during Lunch. We accidentally seat at the same table with The Wizard and his assistant. Seeing this as one BIG opportunity to feed my queries, asked them few questions. Ahaks..

FH:               I feel tricked. But don't get me wrong. It just me being over thinking of what you guys do.
The Wizard:   It's like this.. Key to watch a magic show is you just have to enjoy the performance. Dont    
                      think to much..
FH:               I mean, really. I enjoyed it. How you managed to trick us all?
The Wizard:  Trust me. Everything that you see as random, actually well-planned and organized. Every  
                     movement and every tiny detail is repeated in every of show. Tell you one example, my friend 
                     watched David Copperfield act in Australia for 5 days in a row. Everyday 3 show was held. 
                     So sum of 15 performances. He do the same in every single show he performed. Even if he  
                     cough. He actually had planned it earlier. Even if he slips, or get shocked by something, that is  
                     just his performance to entertain audience.
FH:               Really?So every drama, music, was meant for the show?
The Wizard:  Yup..
FH:              Tell me. When does this so called magical scene started in Malaysia. Was it being indie for all 
                    these while? How does it became popular?
The Wizard:  Magic in Malaysia have been around pretty long. But since David Blaine popularize Magic 
                     around the world, Malaysia also follows the same trend.
FH:              Yeah.. Mr Blaine had shown that Magic is something pseudo-real when people now feel 
                    comfortable to take part in it. Before this magic appears mysterious, creepy and to some, 
                    might involve black magic. 
The Wizard:  How can that be possible?
FH:              Because crowd never know. Magic used to be done in closed performances. But when street  
                    magic came into scene and being widely promoted, people became familiar with magic.

and the conversation stops there... We continued eating till we can't eat. LOL.


There's second act at the dining table.

After finish eating, The Wizard's Assistant whose name is also Hafiz take out a deck of card. That was totally shockingly jaw dropping to me. 


He ask me to pick a card........ and show at least another 3 tricks. Only for me.

Totally exhilarating!

Still can't believe my eyes got tricked by them!


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