Stress Therapy

Salam readers..

In my lack of emotional stability like this.. I feel that quotes are really magical to sooth my sorrow.. of course other than reading Al-Quran and continuously praying and speaking to Allah. 

I developed several habit in order to release my stress..these habits really works and helpful in my recovering phase. Sometimes I need only one, but in turbulence winds, seems that I need more than one type of this 'therapy'.

1) Do'a with real emotion.
This one, if I am in deep sorrow, I will not turn to anyone but ALLAH. I will burst out my feeling and tell HIM what's going in my heart and mind. Even though ALLAH already know (of course), this therapy really helps because I don't have to worry about judgement or critics about what I say. I can shout, whisper, cry out loud to ALLAH when no people will hear. The placebo effects of praying will result in hopefulness and HOPE to me is equal to BE POSITIVE. 

2) Turn on my car, and drive
Sounds pretty dangerous. Driving need constant focus. Your eyes, your hands, your ears, your legs have to be synchronized in order to be safe on the road. In recent sibling-fight I had with my sister, I try on this therapy and drove all over K.L for a few hours. Turns out pretty good. Driving helps me to divert my focus to more important things and ease my sadness for a couple of hours. After that, when I am ready to talk to somebody about the matter, I become more rationale and less emotional. Hopefully.

3) Scroll for Quotes and Gags
This type of therapy, works for everyday work stress. If works seems dissatisfying or people disappointing me in my everyday chores, laughter become the most powerful medicine. Motivational quotes act like a wizard that help you clear your thoughts while websites like 9gags provide your constant jokes just to release endorphin and suppress the release of stress hormone. Real laugh will provide that. So I will find a video/movie/stories to get LOL-ed or ROFL-ed. It will helps. 

4) Talk to my BFFs
BFFs is someone who will not judge who you are in any bizarre situation. I have several people whom love me for being my only self. They will sit, pay attention, listen and share their wisdom in a very empathy way. 

Dear readers,
If we're having any mental state of stress, just remember that ALLAH is always with us. The God's Particle in us will help us be stronger and hold on to our self. Clear the misery first and then start resolving the matters. Good luck!


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