You are your Brand (or not)

 Salam readers..

I had this small chit chat with one of my BFF last week... We were talking about how people took Branded Goods in life. Ironically the conversation took place in The Coffee Bean at Johor Premium Outlet (JPO), Kulaijaya, Johor the places where those branded items really matters. LOL.

My friend and I had really opposite opinion on this. So there really exist two type of people when it comes to Branded Item.

#1 Brand Lovers

Seems that these kind of person, they will definitely look for brand first before started to choose which design to buy. I can see that in some of my friends who will ask what BRAND are you wearing and how much you paid for it. 
Sometimes its not really about the design.. For me some designs are not that appealing but when they stamped BIG metal label to it, the prices went up ridiculously. 
This behavior  is resulting from personal tendency to feel part of a society whom own the same label. Say if a girl is wearing COACH, and the other person find it so cool and shows the 'Affordability Power' of that girl. So when one decided to buy a COACH, she will always relate her to the persona whom she beliefs the bag will brought.
In my friend's case, in her workplace, everybody is talking about brand. Never about the quality or material. So if she wanted to be part of the culture, she ought to buy Branded Item for a feeling of acceptance.
One novel/movie particularly addressing Shopaholic behavior and obligation towards branded item.

#2 Quality First

I adore these people. Because they don't feel obliged to be part of the popular culture. Normally they're the trend setters or just don't play by the rules. Quality First people normally have more buying power than Brand Lovers. It's just that they widen their option not buying to only certain brand. 
When we're talking about a bag, per se, they see a whole different thing. Whether the material suit them, the size is practical, the design is appropriate, all these criteria will take into account before they bring it to the counter.
I know a person who live by this spirit. She own 2 or 3 pair of Tissot watches and yet, she doesnt make it a fuzz. She will only choose item by quality not by brand. Sometimes this lady will wear unknown brand with even pricier than the normal popular brand. Isn't it way much cooler?

Is it really by hooked to certain brand we become rigid? I guess not. But remember to always empower yourself by your own brand; YOUR PERSONALITY. Built your own persona and let you define your only self. Personality always last forever, but fashion constantly changes. We never need BRAND to justify ourselves. 

Live wiser babe!


  1. Dulu time study mmg boleh kata brand addocted..but now, dah blaja cari duit sendiri..nak beli seluar sehelai pun pk 2,3 kali..hik2


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