I'm not Bush

The quotes being said by McCain last week during the recent debate between him and Obama.. I bet he's really not Bush.

He proposed of the Arizona senator is to build 45 new nuclear reactors by 2030, in order to fight climate change and establish U.S. energy independence. Haha... America is stopping Iran from bilding any nuclear plant but they wanted to built the new one.. I wonder where all the common sense had gone.

McCain will be the eldest president of US if he won while Obama is the first black US President which for me I prefer the latter ones. Aha..

They both are in the rally for the President Seat while Bush is finising his final days at WHite House.

I wonder whether people will actually vote for McCain and Sarah Palin and that definitely potray the low level of moralism when Palin herself have a pregnant 18 year old daughter. (OMG!! Not another case of Britney's sister's pregnancy). The family institution of America already drop when they only will marry if only they get pregnant. What if one of them dont wanna get married??

I hope Malaysian will never practice such immoral deeds but they did. Huh.. Sooo many girl get pregnant without any marriage and their parents will pushing them to marry their boyfriends to cover-up. Is that all the mariage is all about??

You screwed up so you have to marry???


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