Raya Breakd0wn!! Episode 1

OMG! For the first time ever we have car problem during festive season. It happened last Monday (29 Sept 2008) just at front of Tangkak Exit at km 169.3. Huhu.. Suddenly our 'beloved' Perodua Rusa have some complication and later the mechanic diagnosed that it is Alternator who is the culprit that causing the breakdown. Aha...!

The sequence:
2015 hrs (approximately) Venue: somewhere along PLUS hi way
I feel so paranoid that the boot will open out af sudden because I might not close it properly. So I keep asking Abah to stop anywhere to check whether I've closed it tightly. So Abah stop at one Little R&R ( I call it little coz there's no restaurants or shoppe over there, only toilets and surau and some small lorry selling fruits and drinks). After checking and buying Pineapple Juice Abah found out that he failed to start the engine. We kinda shocked out and thinking that we might playing the scene from Dunia Baru The Movie when the gang need to push their vehicle. Aha..!
Luckily there's 2 Bangladeshi workers standing near our Perodua. So Ummi asked for their help. Then Aba manage to start the engine and we continue our journey.

2030 hrs (approx.) Venue: Km 169.3
The Rusa suddenly stops. Thankfully Abah manage to make it stop rightly and no accident happens. We all went out from Rusa and Abah seems a bit tense and Ummi seems a bit worried and she started making calls. But I felt really excited. We called for PLUS Peronda at 2045 pm and they arrived 20 minutes later (which I am the caller since Ummi said I have a good PR skills. Aha..!??) Abah started to make some crazy solutions such as all of us walk trough the road and reach the Toll. Ummi asked me to usher on the distance but I refuse. (My instinct just dont let me to).

2200 hrs (approx.)
We arrive at the workshop and the mechanic do the diagnostic. Alternator is the problem and Abah have to pay RM400 just for towing+spare part+repairing tips. Pakcik Is arrived 30 minutes later and he suggest to use his money first and he'll drive us to Kampung Parit Ju first using his Naza. Ahaa..! ABah agreed so we all left our parents. I felt a bit guilty actually.

2400 hrs..
We all were very sleepy while waiting for Ummi and Abah to reach Nenek's house so some of us meet their dreams first.. AHaa..!! But they reach not so long after 2400 hrs.

Alhamdulillah it all settled. SO we could ride on our Perodua Rusa safely.. Ahaa..!!!


  1. Farahh..Janji Dpt Blk Rumah..hehe..aT leaSt cuTi rY ada "Scene" dkt jalan raya...haha...leh jadi kenangan Manis tuu...


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