And the winner is..

So Mr. Obama won.. Congrates to him..
Maybe I am a bit late to wish him.. Haha..

Exams and Packed Scheduled really jammed my brain. i supposed to be relaxing this week but we're handling a camp for the MTM-wannabe's... We'll definitely select MTM from those who joined this camp. In-fact the actual name for the camp is Kem Pemantapan 1 which will be continued with Kem Pemantapan 2 and people who'll enter the second camp is the next term's MTM.

ANugerah Skrin last Friday really open up my thoughts about Nurul Syuhadah Nurul Ain and now I really think she is sooooo talented in the emcee-ing thingy. Many people said bad things about Adlin Aman Ramlie but they two were the contra-couple which means they're 'cute' together. haha..

For the winners.. Congrates and i really cant harly wait to watch Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang even i dont know where to get the dvd.. Haha..


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