Mikaeel Jackson??

The 50 year old singer conversion to Islam rise many critiques and comments from people all round the world. Even Tuan Guru Nik Aziz remarks that his conversion is a good thing for him. I thought he already convert to Islam long before last 2 week. But last week the news reported his conversion witnessed by Yusuf Islam in a friend's mansion in LA.
Well its good to hear the number of people converted to Islam increasing year by year. It will be much better if we hear that the muslim become more muslim year to year. Being a muslim as a whole set is very much different with practicing Islam as the way of life. We should seek for Allah's guidance from every inches and corner in our life.

Speaking of life.. My life become more colourful this week when I got back from Port Dickson from Rachado Bay Camp in Port Dickson. Meeting new people is really a relief and remedy for my negativeness in my for this past 2-3 weeks. Ahaks..

and yet I'll be visiting PD again next month. SO much for a holiday?? I bet it really is..



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