Pesta Book Epi Two.

Sisterhood and Buku-hood

So I went again to KLIBF 2011.. The atmosphere still the same... Meriah. Hectic. A lot of people.. A lot of people. 

I brought my 'troop' together for this second trip. We split for several times and re-unite for Solat Asar. With that I can give them freedom to choose and buy. Of course, with the money I gave them. Haha.

With two girls gonna sit for exam this year, (Nadya will sit for SPM, Aisyah is UPSR candidate). we encourage them to buy exam's actual paper. While Ayuni (Form Two Student), have the freedom to chose any comic/fictional novel she like. 

Sakinah dont buy anything. We initially quite interested with Sutera Bidadari by RAM. However, Sakinah reckon that it might not good as the previous one. So we decided not to buy. 

Syamilah, bought Personal Justice by RAM. Its an English version of a Malay novel titled ADAM (Aku Darah Anak Malaysia) from the same author. I prefer the Malay's cover for sure. More intrigue. The cover they use for this English version is so dark.. gloomy.. but pretty much refer to the male character of the story.

My personal pick?

Rare species. Like I responded to someone in comment, I prefer the rare species. Who doesnt? So what's the point I buy any popular book from Alaf 21 when they are available all year round at the shelves?

So I bought them..

1. Milenia Muslim Collection
Yeah.. Mari kita memborong.. My sort of ritual for every year visit. 

2. Isabella by Abdullah Hussain. Publisher: Pelima Media.
Original version Maulana Muhammad Saeed. "A novel based on a comparative study of Islam and Christianity" Haven't start reading. Yet I'm excited.

3. Kod Michaelangelo by Nazehran Jose Ahmad. Publisher: Pekan Sastera.
A truly rare and raw. Rare coz hardly find this on normal shelf. Raw since I never heard the author name. So dunno what to expect. But Sejarah?? Su yummmy!!  I've read several hundred pages. So much to catch up. Sampai sesak nafas. Ngahaha.. Later I'll write the review.


Done. Gonna get ready for girl-day-out with Izyan... 

So Mr Pei Pan, did I answer your question thoroughly??

Met this ex-schoolmate working at Pelima Media Booth. Remember the note for Nabi? They're the guilt.


  1. Kod Michaelangelo macam menarik. Nak cuba cari di kedai kalau ada. Sekarang banyak membeli di DBP.


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