Merah itu...

Hello guys..

I'm taking this 40 minutes time to write while waiting for Red Velvet Cake to done. Quite nervous actually.. This time I'm using another recipe which I just found. The texture part of the RV dont seems to appear pre-bake compared to previous recipe. So afraid that people wont taste the 'velvety' when they chew it.

Weww... This week have been a hectic week and little taste of joy and also anxious.

Last Saturday I wrongly went to an interview in PJ Hilton.. I thought it was a walk-in interview as clearly stated in Job Street. So with confident, I walk in to the door only to be informed that all the slots are full and I am not fit for the job since my line of studies are nutrition. They're looking for 5 people based in pharmaceutical.

GOD's know better.

It is so happen that (this is exactly the HR lady word), they're looking for a nutritionist!

With confident, I told her I was trained in nutrition background and I am able to give nutrition talk. She took my CV, promise to call me on Monday once she get back to office.

And then I walked away...

However, on 2nd thought, I realized that I dont have anything to hanging with IF she dont call me on Monday!

As you all know, Farahanani will not let herself in the state of ambiguity. Except for MK case which I still dont clear his true feeling for me.. LOL..

Get back to my PJ Hilton Interview.

SO in the elevator, I stood for 3 seconds. The door has closed! I pressed the OPEN DOOR button and walk in to the 'embarrassing' room and ask the lady her number.

Maybe just to please me, she asked me to fill in the recruitment form. Hell yeah I might need to be pleased a little. Since I'm the first 'candidate' walk in to that room that morning. (Me in demanding mood) and later while I'm filling the form, some guys walk in and get empty forms from the lady too. But the different is, they're the actual candidates.

I had a really good feeling about this.. Insya Allah I'll get the job. After all, I am really enjoying my current job at the moment. =)


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