I'm writing notes to whom can't answer
About this sorrow causing me shiver
Don't be sorry because it was over. Dreams and hope stranded at the river
Dear dear
Can't you hear?
I am right here, waiting you whisper
You'll be my lover forever
We will grow old together
In this world and thereafter
Let love be the conqueror
I am making a very long prayer
To Allah who always be sure
In His hand is my past and future
Which means
I can only be a believer
While you fail to answer


  1. Untuk kekasih hati ya? Di lamun cinta memang membahagiakan.

  2. Untuk seseorang yang telah melangkah ke Alam Barzakh.

    Ya dilamun cinta itu indah. Tapi cinta manusia ternyata sementara.


  3. Walaupun sementara tetap bahagia, kan?


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