Final Week for Phase I

Salam readers,.

Remember that I told you that I am currently in JB for 20 weeks-long-out station? Now I am comfortably can say.. I am half way through it!

Alhamdulillah.. This is the 10th Week for the first batch of students under my supervision. I must admit this 10 weeks were never easy. Every day I must be in control of the situation.. and face obstacles. I hope. Really hope that my 10 weeks is not a waste. I wish my students the best in their life. I have given my best, although I know I can do better, in this 10 weeks.. sacrifice a lot of things while also play a lot. That playing part sounds controversial. Hurmm..

By the way.. Life in this coming 10 weeks till end of June sounds promising. I am booked for every weekend!. Too busy to say busy. Haha. But what I realized is we must plan every thing we want to do, if we really want it to happen in our life. But in 101% of preparation, we must put 200% tawakkal to Allah. So readers,

I am in the early phase of doing something big for my future. Something really BIG in term of life achievement. Please pray for my success in this. I just can drop a hint to you coz I literally keep this as a secret from everyone. Only less than 10 people in the world get hint from me. It is so BIG that.. not everyone get the whole story from me. Hehe.

Ok. Today I prepared a BED SIDE DIETETICS exam for my students. Hopefully they will do their best today. Insya Allah.


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