Entri 3 Mac (Because of course)

Salam readers!

OMG.. Today is my birthday! 

FH was born today.




You do the math.

I can never be happier than this year but maybe next year I will be much much happier. 

Who knows?

As usual I will call my mom and she responded in no care manner while I'm actually about to cry. I know, FH is very dramatic. Well, that's typically my Mom. Acting like a British and shows no feeling when everyone is on emotional ride. Haha. But I still love her because she had to endure all the pain to deliver me some twilight years ago.

How can I ever repay that? Can I?

Hopefully my mom is happy with all my achievements so far and proud of me. Hopefully one day she will witness all her wishes for me granted. Especially with regards of getting married to somebody who love me dearly.

Speaking of whom.. I got an sms for my birthday wishes from Mr C. Yes you read it right. Short Message Service. How old school. Is he actually an old soul? 

So for you, readers. Here is my latest pic. Haha!

Me at my new office in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah

p/s: Everyone at the office super-love my brownies. They don't want to share with other people so they can finish all of it. There goes everyone's diet. LOL. But who dare to resist my brownies temptation? Have I told you I baked walnut brownies, last night?


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