My 3rd week of this 5th semester will end tomorrow. So lots of things happened that I dont realized it already Thursday morning. What I do remember is I failed to wake up for Sahur this morning when i actually set my alarm twice (just in case I cant wake up or the first alarm). Haha.. And I really can't wake up. What a waste. If I fast today.. at least I could fulfill my Nazar that I made for I passed my driving license test. Ahaks..

Earlier this evening, Yanti and me went for shopping spree at Jusco Balakong.. I feel very glad of my self coz I get almost everythings.. including green umbrella and a small box for my wires.. And my spending are not more than 100 ringgit! Isn't that great?? And I could even buy 3 pieces of Sushi + Wasabi + Sauce. Blame it on Dr Rosita whom always seducing us to try new things especially food that we never tasted before. I almost buy 1 set from teppanyakki but finally i made my choice on Sushi. Haha..

Tomorrow I'm gonna 'date' with Izyan at Time Square.. We two never go to TS together before so I managed to ask her to TS with me tomorrow.. Huhu.. So I hop I can get a new pair of shoes since 2 of my Vinccis was taken by the Cleaners. Huhu..



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