Mind If I Feel....

Things being pretty tough for me lately. Waking up at the morning to attend 8 am class every day except Friday (which means I need to wake up at least 1 hour earlier), staying up late at night to make sure I'm not gonna late in the next morning, be prepared for any situations such meetings and discussions among the MTM members.. These things making my life a bit havoc although I prefer a more relaxed life.

Being busy should make me more discipline. Gosh.. It should really be. But at the end of the day u'll wish u could have another life. The easier and much simpler. And I'm complaining bout my hectic life only in my 2nd week of this new semester! Just imagine how tough my semester will be while we undergo some courses that definitely pushing me up to my limit. I must accept the fact that this is real life. I'm not living in any fantasyland or lala-land that everything is casted under some spell and magically turn to gold when I touch it.

Real life does kills u sometimes especially when u are fear with it. Only Allah knows what the heck is happening in me. My anxiety towards the future and my own fearness that I couldnt cope with all the circumstances. And only my strength that can held me right at the strongest point. I wish I can. I really hope I can stand up and make it trough the rain. Coz I have no choice. We're Khalifah on this very earth. No other being should be. I must be strong now or I will be weak 4 ever. I can do this. Insya Allah..


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