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Last night I was so excited to watch the first ever debate between two personality in Malaysia: Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek and Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. I am so thrilled to witness the 'mouth war' between them, to see whether Anwar is the best speaker as people say he is and how good Shabery at defending Government's policy. The atmosphere at cafe last night is a not different with other night but last night it is better when people gather at front of tv and listening to the same thing.

Here and there I hear people said that Anwar is on a hot seat since he get involved with some controversies for these past few weeks which only god know whether he is innocent or not. For me.. from my own point of view in term of who is winning the debate...

I rather say that Anwar manage to control his speech from leaving the topics whereas the ministry of information manage to attack Anwar with some personal issues. So even though people might say Anwar win.. I choose to say that it's a win-win situation when Anwar get the chance to point out his idea and the ministry get the chance to ask some personal issue on Anwar.

So both of them win since they were able to accomplish their own mission. That debate was a first step towards the more democracy in Malaysia and in creating a more positive and healthy politics in Malaysia. I dont know other people but I think more debate should be done so in a way we can educate the people a new culture of politics.

So that's my opinion on what had happened recently.. I hope no body will assume me as a pro-opposition or a pro-aspiration.. Since I am only shouting out my views.. So till I have the time to scribe again.. Pheww.. The time is running out.. But I ain't have only 4 minutes to accomplish my own mission on this world.. AHaks..


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