Since I've been talking about favouritism and fanaticism of certain individual to colour.. I'll scribe some more in here..
You are impulsive, excitable and energetic. You are ambitious and like things to happen quickly when you want them to do so. You like to be the best in everything you do. You may be a bit insensitive to the feelings of the other people, since you like to be the center of attraction.
Learn to be a good listener. Red means vital force, with your nervous activity urging you to achieve results and be successful. If you make a habit of wearing red it may indicate you place importance on sexual desire and eroticism. This energy can be best used in the form of creative endeavor, leadership development and expansion.
You are courageous and extroverted, but tend to become irritable and bad tempered if you do not get your own way. Learn to be patient. Maroon and brick reds show you are fun loving, but be careful not to become resentful and feel victimized by the others.
You have an affectionate, loving nature, which makes you sympathetic and understanding. You may lack willpower and show weakness when you cannot control affairs of the heart.
You need a great deal of support from others and can be childlike in behavior. You must learn to accept and love yourself. If you become more self-reliant you will attract and give out the feelings of warmth and love you desire.
You are competent, self-oriented and impatient. You are also independent, an organizer and self-motivated. Orange is the colour of practicality and creativity. Your energy levels are high, and you are sometimes restless. You have a forceful will and tend to be active and competitive. You are also excitable and can seek domination over the others.
Bright orange and burnt orange can make you feel frustrated and blocked. Try wearing peach, which will direct your energy to the others in a more caring way.
You have an interesting and stimulating personality. You like to be active and involved in whatever is going on. Lively and vital, you can cope well with life’s challenges.
Bright yellow represents spontaneity and communication. You are active, inspiring and like to investigate. There is a desire and hope of greater happiness, which implies some minor conflict in which release is needed. Yellow presses forward to the new, modern, the developing and uniformed, and drawn in ideas from the "higher mind".
You are a cautious person and not inclined to trust others easily. You are an observer in life, but do not wished to get involved more than you have to. A quiet life suits you best. You are benevolent, humanistic and service-orientated.
If you wear blue-green you need a peaceful environment, wishing release from stress, and freedom from conflicts or disagreement. You take pains to control the situation and its problems by proceeding cautiously. You have sensitivity of feeling and a fine eye for detail. Try wearing pale yellow with your green to help you share yourself and develop an optimistic attitude.
You are creative, perceptive and sensitive. You have a good imagination and practical approach to life. Your approach can be analytical and you are best advised to use your knowledge for problem solving. You like to do things in your own time and not be rushed. You need a secure and peaceful environment.
Dark Blue
You are intelligent, self-reliant and have a great depth of feeling. You feel responsibility for others and enjoy decision-making. You need tranquility all around you and must be surrounded by tenderness, love and affection. Noisy people disturb you. You may suffer from mental stress owing to the lack of play and relaxation. Try wearing some blue-greens or greens to help your self-expression and improve your health.
Yours is a sensitive, compassionate nature so you can be easily imposed upon and should be careful to pick friends who are as sensitive as you are. To be happy, work where you feel needed. Try wearing lilac or magenta, a colour with more red in it. This will boost your self-confidence and provide your vulnerability with protection.
You are very intuitive and have deep feelings and high aspirations. You are interested in the best of everything, including your friends. Lesser mortals do not interest you or enter into your scheme of things except where necessary.
Watch that you do not become arrogant – try to make more time for listening. Orchid, grape or violet can make you feel imposed upon by others’ belief systems, rules and regulations. Be sensitive to your personal and spiritual needs. Try yoga or meditation to release mind blocks.
White contains all the other colours in the spectrum, showing that you have a positive, well-balanced and optimistic personality. You are highly individualistic and a loner. You seek a simplified lifestyle free from outside pressures.
You have chosen a simple and pure colour, but one that reaches out for recognition. You are probably going through a transitional period with new ideas not yet taken form. Be open-minded and communicate, for with white all things are possible.
You are very much an individual. Many people may get the impression you are self-sufficient as you have excellent self-control and prefer to remain uninvolved. Those who wear gray have a tendency to isolate themselves, which can lead to loneliness. You may be passive because you feel stressed and overburdened.
You may need rest, relaxation and freedom from daily stress. Maybe you need a good break – take in the blue of the ocean or green of the countryside. People who wear gray are often those who make judgements and may be good critics. Those who lack judgement and struggle to form opinions should wear gray.
Brown clothing suggests an honest, down-to-earth person who likes a structured supported lifestyle. A lover of the best things life has to offer, you are a sensuous type, appreciating good food, drink and company. Brown is the colour of Mother Earth.
It is a protective colour, but you may be bottling up emotion or a secret that makes you retreat into your shell and fear the outside world; thus you feel protected by wearing brown or muddy colour. There is a desire to be emotionally secure and accepted by the outside world. You need to understand your self-worth and ward off narrow-mindedness.
You are strong-willed, opinionated and disciplined. You may be too inflexible and too independent. Watch out that these are not defense tactics. You may really lack confidence in yourself and your own ability to handle life efficiently. It may be you have a little way to go to maturity and are using black to cloak yourself while you discover your true identity.
Black represents renunciation – the ultimate surrender or relinquishment – and those who choose to wear black constantly want to renounce everything out of a stubborn protest. Wearing black on certain occasions shows you have control in yourself in order to communicate an authoritative image.


  1. Blue
    You are creative, perceptive and sensitive. You have a good imagination and practical approach to life. Your approach can be analytical and you are best advised to use your knowledge for problem solving. You like to do things in your own time and not be rushed. You need a secure and peaceful environment.
    is it me?????? hehehehe
    coz i love blue very much...:) but i love you more... hehehe


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